Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam – for each janma Nakshatram


All our Aacharyans, Sastras, Puranas always highlighted the ever powerful Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram

Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam has its own contributions by many learned scholars in different ways. But this one combines the Slokhas (Sloka) to astrology and each part of the Vedic Script is identified with one constellation of all four quarter.

Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji during His discourse on the eve of Sri Bhishma Ekaadasi Viratpaarayanam in Hyderabad where lakhs of people gathered on 13th February 2003, once again reiterated the same. His Holiness also declared that the 108 slokhas (sloka) of Sri Vishnusahasranaama Stothram removes all the ills associated with any grahadoshams to any chanter of any Nakshatram(Stars viz.constellations) and provides supreme solace and supreme bliss.

There are 27 Nakshatram starting from Aswini and ending with Revati. Each Nakshatram has four Paadam. Thus 108 slokhas correspond to 27 X 4 nakshatra padams. Thus a person born in Aswini 1st Paadam can chant first slokha, Bharani 1st padams can chant 5th slokha and so on for respective Nakshatra Saanthi. A person not sure of one’s Nakshatra can chant all the 108 slokhas and get rid of all ills associated with one’s Nakshatram and attain sampoorna saanthi.

If you do not know your padam known as the quarter of your birth star, then it is strongly suggested to recite the entire four part of the slokha that belong to your birth star (Janma nakshatram).

There is no need for any other means at all to achieve success in any issue. For the convenience of all the Bhagawatas/devotees a list of Nakshatram and corresponding slokhas are given.

Birth Star – Nakshatra ( Nakshatram )

Ashwani (Aswini / Asvini ) – 1 to 4

Bharani (Barani) – 5 to 8

Kruttika (Krithikai / Karthikai) – 9 to 12

Rohini – 13 to 16

Mrugasira (Mirugaseersham) – 17 to 20

Ardra (Thirivathirai)  – 21 to 24

Punarvasu (Punarpusam) –  25 to 28

Pushyam (Pusam / Poosam) –  29 to 32

Aslesha (Ayilyam)  – 33 to 36

Makam  – 37 to 40

Poorvapalguni (Puram) –  41 to 44

Uttaraphalguna (Uthiram)  – 45 to 48

Hasta (Hastham) – 49 to 52

Chitra (Chithirai)  – 53 to 56

Swati (Swathi)  – 57 to 60

Visaakhaa (Visakam)  – 61 to 64

Anuradha (Anusham)  – 65 to 68

Jyeshtha (Kettai) – 69 to 72

Moolaa (Mulam)  – 73 to 76

Poorvaashaadaa (Puradam) –  77 to 80

Uthraashaadaa (Thiradam)   – 81 to 84

Sravanam (Thiruvonam)  – 85 to 88

Dhanishtha (Avittam) – 89 to 92

Sathabishang (Sathayam) –  93 to 96

Poorvabhadra (Poorattathi)  – 97 to 100

Uttarabhadra (Uthirattathi)  – 101 to 104

Revati (Revathi)  – 105 to 108

His Holiness advised the devotees to chant Sri vishnusahasranAma (Sri Vishnu SahasranAmam) Stothram total at least once in a day followed by eleven times a day their respective slokhas and see the results for themselves in just eleven days.

Adiyen’s suggestion: If one identifies one’s own birth Nakshatram then they can by heart their corresponding Sri VishnuSahasranAma slokhas and keep on chanting whenever free/idling and attain good results in all their endeavors.

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  1. thanks for the article giving specific nos to vishnu sahasrnaman against each rasi. it will be more convenient if u could giveb a example. u have mentioned 4 slokas from 5-8 for bharani. if u could give exact details for every star it would be very useful…..thanks….rajaraman

  2. An excellent and very informative article about Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam which I am chanting for the past 28 years on Sundays and Saturdays alongwith so many other devotees at the Vishnu Sahasranama Satsngams at R K Puram, Mayur Vihar Ph III and Gole Market at Delhi. The chanting of the Vishnu Sahsaranamam have solved almost all my problems and taken me to so many heights in my life

  3. The sanctity of Vishnu Sahasranama why go for Star wise why not the full at least every day, is it not possible to spent half an hour daily or 20 minutes. This does not sounds well. Believe and have a faith with Sriman Narayana in full form, by splitting it means you are self oriented, be bias give to others also the credit and the credibility will give you some thing different may be from the re-cycle of birth. Om Namo Narayana..

  4. Pranamam,
    Very informative and wonderful article about the each janma nakshatram as per Vishnu Sahasranamam.
    Here I would like to share more information about the Vishnu Sahasranamam.


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