Sri Narasimha Nama Mantra Japa Yogam – Part2


This article is about Sri Narasimha Nama Mantra Japa Yogam (Part-2). It is contributed by  Sri Narayanan K S and is the first part of the series.

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  1. Dear sir,

    Depicting THAAYAAR in the form of lionness? Nowhere I have seen such depiction. It may occur lots of things to devotees, but what is the truth in such kind of stories and pictures? The highest form of Bhakthi cannot be described and it is strictly between God and the devotee. I have carefully read all the articles under Part I, but could not find the approval of any acharyas of past. Even Sri Ramanuja gave Lord Nrisimha with thaayar(normal face) to simhasanathipathis then, about 72 I think, but nowhere such picture I could see. One of my relative is having the divya vigraha of the Lord and Lordess given by Sri Ramanuja. Usually lots of new devatas will occur in other philophies and isms. After some time, they will lose their charm. But our Sri Vaishnavism is not like those things. Is this not the one which gives light to the world? Why copy others and try to establish new things? Old is gold and good, better to follow the footsteps of our acharyas and the Lord shown by our acharyas.

  2. Sri Swamin

    My humble reply to the query of Sri K.V.Raghavan is as follows: at AVANIYAPURAM, near Vandavasi, you can have darshan of Sri Lakshmi Narasiha, mahalakshmi having lion face. Also Garudan is having lion face there. This temple is more than 1000 years old; it is a pancha narasimha kshetram. Please visit that temple and you will understand the roopa tatparyam.

  3. Excellent photo of Lord Narasimha. My humble question is this the Gandabheraunda swaroopam of the Lord, with which Lord destroyed Sarabha or Sivan. Can learned members clarify on this. Also, it appears that the Panchamukha Anjaneya form every one is after now a days is a direct copy from our Lord’s Astamukha Narasimha. So, my understanding, is there is no panchamukah Anjaneya…It is different lift fron from our Lord and copied for Anjaneya. Pls correct me if i am wrong. This is not intended to hurt the feeling Anjaneya bhaktas, But just to unt=derstand the essense and origins.


  4. Dear Sir,
    It would very kind if all the 8 parts of this Narsinhar series are converted into english also, for those who are not very comfortable in reading the tamil script. Also, Adiyen has read somewhere that as a part of Satyamangalam kshetra mahimai, in brahmavaivarta puranam?, there is a reference to this sarabha being torn apart and thrown into various directions by Lord Narasimha. Can enlightened members let adiyen know, which section of the puranam this occurs. Also, in which other puranas Lord Narasimha destroying the Sarabha appears. Also, i happened to read somewhere, (don’t remember which purana), Sarabha was defeated by Lord Varaha, also. Can any someone throw some light on this.



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