Find the six differences in the picture


Find the six difference between the two pictures shown below. Post your answers as comments in the comments section below this page. Please try to find the answers yourselves before reading the comments section

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  1. 1) Flower plate on the lower left bottom
    2) Bell on the left side
    3) Plantain Fruit bunch from the plantain tree
    4) Coconut half missing from the tray on the right side
    5) Ornament On the elephant neck ..right side
    6) Lotus missing on the left hand of Goddess Lakshmi.

  2. lotus flower is missing at top left hand
    bunch of bananas in banana tree at left side
    bell is missing at right side bottom
    plate with bunch of flowers at right bottom is missing
    one coconut piece is missing in the plate at the right bottom
    ornament is missing in the neck of elephant which is at left side


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