New Delhi Sri Ram Mandir Thiruvenkata Mudaiyan Brahmotsavam


Brahmotsavam for Thiruvenkata Mudaiyan at Sri Ram Mandir, New Delhi, is scheduled to take place between September 17 to 26, 2012. The utsavam will commence with Divya Prabanda seva thodakkam and Angurarpanam on September 17 evening. Thereafter daily till 25th, thirumanjanam to Lord Balaji (utsavar), Divya Prabanda seva, havan, nithya Divya Sahasranam puja and sathumurai will take place. On the last day, 81 kalas special thirumanjanam will be perfomed for both the moolavar and utsavar. Thirukalyana utsavam will also take place in the evening.

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The following is the detailed pathrigai for the same…

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