Sri Ahobila Mutt Pushpa Kainkaryam


Pushpa Kainkaryam for Malolan and Dolai KaNNan and all the ArAdhana Moorthys of SrI Matam was started on August 2, 2012 – Patinettaam Perukku and UpAkarma Dinam. Every day until August 2, 2013 and thereafter, this Kaimakryam with Malolan’s anugraha Balam will be continued. Fragrant garlands made of Mallikai, Marukkozbunthu, CheNpakam and the seasonal flowers will be presented to Malolan and Dolai KaNNan and other Moorthys in the Tanga Mantapam along with a garland of nine lotuses for the Nava Narasimhans.

The Pushpa Kaimakryam is planned for the entire year starting from August 2. Out of the 365 days, 190 days have been reserved by SishyAs and AbhimAnis as of August 10, 2012. Some are supporting for 1 day and others are offering support for 2 to 30 days that include special days of significance to them and their families. Please join in this Pushpa Kaimakryam. The Months of AvaNi , PurattAsi and Marghazhi have been spoken for so far. 175 days are still open up to August 1, 2013. The day’s SamarpaNam involves only Rs.750 or $15 . Your samarpaNam can be done in person at SrI Matam or sent online ( ) or sent to Sri Ahobila Matam HQ , 30 Venkatesa Agraharam, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004 earmarked for Nitya Pushpa Kaimkaryam. Please address the check or DD to HH The Jeeyar, if you are located in India.

Please contact Oppiliappan Koil Sri V.Sadagopan ( on specifics relating to the day(s) of personal interest to you and your Family for reservations.

The following are the photographs taken on August 10th morning during a special samarpaNam of a garland of 200 lotuses to Srimath Azhagiya Singars. Also presenting photographs of Malolan and Dolai KaNNan and all the ArAdhana Moorthys of SrI Matam taken during the same day…

Courtesy:  Sri Sadagopan Swami

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