RajaMannargudi Vanamamalai Mutt Kainkaryam


Sri Vanamamalai Mutt has been in existence for a long time at Mannargudi. The “Govarthanagiri” utsavam of Lord Rajagoplaswami on the 4th day of annual Panguni Bramhotsavam of the Lord is celebrated at the Mutt in a grand manner. Several Kalakshepams take place in the Mutt during the Panguni Brahmotsavam of the Lord.

It is proposed to renovate the Mutt and devotees are requested to participate in the Kainkaryam and be blessed with the Kripakadakhsams of Srivaramanga Nayika Sameedha Deivanayaka Perumal, Rukmini Sathyabhama Hemapja Nayika Sameedha Rajagoplaswami and His Holiness Srimath Parahamsethyadhi Kaliyan Vanamamalai Jeeyar.

The following is the appeal regarding the proposed renovation of the Vanamamalai Mutt at RajaMannargudi, alongwith HH Swami’s SriMukham on the subject…

Courtesy: Sri S.Srinivasan

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