Abeethi Sthavam – 19


19. கயாது ஸுத வாயஸ த்விரத புங்கவ: த்ரௌபதீ
விபீஷண புஜங்கம வ்ரஜ கண அம்பரீஷ ஆதய:
பவத் பத ஸமாச்ரிதா: பய விமுக்திம் ஆபு: யதா
லபேமஹி ததா வயம் ஸபதி ரங்கநாத த்வயா

KayAdhu-sutha Vaayasa dhviradha-pungava Dhroupadhee-
VibhIshaNa bhujangama vrajagaNa-Ambhareeshapaadhaya:
Bhavathpadha-samASrithA bhaya-vimukthymApuryaTA
labhEmahi TaTA vayam sapadhi RanganATa Thvayaa

பொருள்–ஸ்ரீரங்கநாதா! காயாது என்பவளின் புத்திரனான ப்ரஹ்லாதன், காகாசுரன், கஜேந்திரன், த்ரௌபதி, விபீஷணன், காளியன், ஆயர்கள் மற்றும் அம்பரீஷன் போன்றவர்கள் உன்னுடைய திருவடிகளைச் சரணம் அடைந்தார்கள். இதனால் அவர்கள் பயம் என்பதில் இருந்து விடுதலை அடைந்தனர். இப்படியாக நாங்களும் உன்னைச் சரணம் என்று அடைந்த நொடியிலேயே, உன்னுடைய கருணையால் எங்களது பயம் நீங்கப் பெறுவோமாக.


Oh Lord of Srirangam! Many bhakthAs of yours got freedom from their individual fears by performing SaraNAgathy at Your sacred feet. For instance, Bhaktha PrahlAdhan’s fears arising from his father, HiraNyan was destroyed by You; the crow that committed MahA aparAdhams to Your PirAtti got freedom from fears caused by Your BrahmAsthram that was chasing the crow with intent to kill; The king of elephants got freed from the fearsome jaws of the crocodile; Dhroupadhi got freedom from the fears generated by the likes of DhucchAsanan; DharmAthma VibhishaNan got relief from the fears caused by his brother RaavaNan; the snake KaaLiyan was stomped by Your sacred feet and got freedom from his sorrows;the assembly of GopAs and Gopis were saved from the anger of Indhran through Your rakshaNam with Govardhana Giri; King Ambhareeshan escaped from the fear caused by Sage DhurvAsar. There are many others, whose fears were removed, when they sought your protection. May we also follow the footsteps of these MahAthmAs, perform SaraNAgathy at Your sacred feet and live lives free from fear!


“Vayam Sapadhi Thvayaa bhaya vimukthim labhEmahi” is the prayer of Swamy Desikan to Sri RanganAtha. Are there precedents to such an anugraham of freedom from fears by the Lord? Yes, there are many, many instances. Swamy reminds the Lord of those instances and asks Him to bless us in a similar manner.

Views of other commentators:

In this slOkam, Swamy Desikan’s reaction to the assurance of the Lord about protection is recorded. His anger is gone and he lists the other PrapannAs saved by the Lord (PrahlAdhan, Gajendhran, Ambhareeshar, Droupathy et al) in thankful remembrance of the Lord’s SaraNAgatha RakshaNa Tatthvam.



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  1. I subscribed to Audinam only recently and this is the first
    News letter that I opened; I found this explanatory note and comments for Abeethi stavam (19); I find it true to the poem or sloka and the commentary apt and brief.
    Thanks for this and I hope to see more of these in the coming News letters.


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