Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 99


Ok. Here in this life you would do or serve him whatever Ramanuja asks you to do, even if he places you in heaven or hell. That’s great, But what about life after? Are you not worried?

Amudhanar responds: Though those Buddhists, jains have acharya bhakthi, they do not have a chance to attain moksham as their religion is not vedic and do not believe in Veda purushan. Our sampradayam is not like those baahya kuDhrushTi mathams. Those mathams have been crushed by EmperumAnAr. This is strictly based on Veda Vedantha. As per this most truthful siddhAntham, it is BUT sure that I will be blessed to see EmperumAnAr in Paramapadham with poorNa vikaasam and serve him therein as well. That is going to happen.


Based on logic alone, the Arhathars [jains] establish their religion. Like pEy, they do not let go of what they think as the argument [though false and soonyam] and they are bouddhas. Both of these religions do not owe aly allegiance to Vedas. With the matted locks, Rudran propagated the moha saasthrAs, which increases the thamO guNas [mode of darkness/ ignorance]; – all these religions are crushed thanks to our Ramanuja’s grace and efforts.

Everyone’s Master is Ramanuja. He is like kaRpaka tree that grants everything to what we desire. He is Parama udhArar. He blessed us with wonderful srisukthis like Vedantha saara, deepa,Sribhashyam etc… and hence those avaidkia mathams have been conquered and true unparalleled Parama vaidika VishtAdvaita Srivaishnava sampradayam is well established.

em raamaanusa muni: Our YathirAja

pon kaRpakam: golden paarijatha vriksham the ever granting tree like Paramacharyan

paerndhapin: after he appeared here in this earth

thaRkach samaNarum: Jains given to empty arguments

saakkiyap pEykaLum: Saakyaas (Buddhists) who contest their guru Bhuddha, thus they are pey (demons)

thaazhsadaiyOn soRkaRRa sOmabrum: Those who follow the agamaas of Sivan; they are sOmbar (lazy) because they do not bother to understand Siva’s limitations [also because those agamas only are moha saasthrAs and are of tamasic guNas or nature.]

sooniya vaatharum: Sankyaas who do not contest Buddha (as opposed to the other Saakyas mentioned above)

naanmaRaiyum: the four Vedas

niRka kuRumbu: The ignoble who accept [them = the Vedas]

kuRumbusey neesarum: but misinterpret them

maaNdanar neeNilaththE: (All the above mentioned) died i.e. vanquished from this earth [after our Ramanuja, appeared].

Srivaishnavam is not a mere cult. It is essentially a philosophy which is vedic and is based on religion. It has developed distinctive theological doctrines which are founded sound philosophical theories enunciated in the Upanishads. There are religions which do not have a rational philosophical basis. The tribal religions, the Paasupatha sects are of this type. They propagate moha saasthrAs. All these are crushed by Ramanuja as they are avaidika mathams. A sound religious system must be structured on a strong philosophical fopundation. Srivaishnavism as a theological system has a veery well established philosophy and well structured religion / agamas. Because, it is based on an outcome of vedantha as enshrined in the Upanishads, the Vedantha sutra and Bhagavad gitA, the prasthAna thraya.

Sri UttamUr Swamy says: There are four groups of followers of Bhuddha, True Saakyas, Yogaacharan, Sowdhrandhigan, and Vaibhashikan. Except for the true Sankyas, the other three, it seems, contested and modified Buddha’s teachings. For this reason, Uttamur Swamy says, Amudhanaar characterized them as devils or demons.

In Paramatha bhangam, Swamy Desikan pointed out gaping holes in the philosophies of SaaravAka , Bhouddha, Adhvaitha, Jaina ,BhAskara-Yaadhava, VaiyAkaraNa, KaNAda, Goudhama, MeemAmsaka, Saankhya, Yoga, and Paasupatha mathams and established the superiority and soundness of VisishtAdhvaitham over all of them. In Paramatha Bhangam, Swamy Desikan also spoke about the glories of Paancha Raathra Saasthram and the Svaroopam of Prapatthi and showed the way for Moksha Siddhi.



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