Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 95

PerumAL sends NithyaSuris as AchAryAs to help jeevathmAs
PerumAL sends NithyaSuris as AchAryAs to help jeevathmAs


அஜ்ஞனத்தால் மூடப்பட்டதால் ஞானசூன்யமாக உள்ள மனிதர்களுக்கு, உயர்ந்த ஞானத்தை உபதேசிக்க நேரடியாக ஸர்வேச்வரனே வந்து நின்றாலும், “உன்னை விட நாங்கள் உயர்ந்தவர்கள்”, என்று தள்ளி விடுவார்களோ என அஞ்சி, அனைவருக்கும் அந்தர்யாமியாகவே ஸர்வேச்வரன் நிற்கிறான். இந்த மக்கள் அவரவர்கள் வாழும்படியான உபாயங்களை அளிக்கிறான். இவ்விதமாக இவர்கள் பிழைக்கும்படிச் செய்யும் ஸர்வேச்வரன் தனது மனதில், “நாம் எத்தனை செய்தாலும் எம்பெருமானார் இந்த மக்களிடம் கொண்ட அன்பிற்கு ஈடாகாது”, என்று நினைத்தபடி உள்ளான். அவனை விட இவர் சுலபமாக அடையக்கூடியவராக, குணம் குற்றம் முதலானவற்றை ஆராயாமல் உள்ளவராக இருப்பதால் உயர்ந்தவர் என்று கருத்து. ஆகவே ஸர்வேச்வரன் செய்தது என்ன? அனைத்து உயிர்களுக்கும் பரமபதம் அளிக்கும் எண்ணத்துடன், ஸ்ரீவைகுண்டத்தில் இருந்து எங்களுக்கு ஸ்வாமியாக உள்ள எம்பெருமானார் இந்தப் பூமியில் அவதரித்தார். இவ்விதம் அவதாரம் செய்து, ஸ்ரீபாஷ்யம் போன்ற உயர்ந்த க்ரந்தங்கள் மூலமாக நான்கு வேதங்களும் பூமியில் பரவும்படிச் செய்தார்.

Amudhanaar explains the difference between Parandhaaman who grants Paramapadham and Ramanuja.


The most merciful Lord Sriman Narayanan, the most compassionate One- the one whose thoughts are always on saving the world and the beings; what He does is:

He dwells in them and directs them for enabling the AthmAs to be saved; Swaroopa, sthithi, pravartthi- in all, He does good to the beings by himself. As if this is not enough, the Lord sends Sri Ramanujacharya from Srivaikuntam on this earth to save everyone and to put them on vedic track.

uyirgatku uLninRu– dwelling inside as their antharyaami roopam

avarkku uRRana E seydhu– doing only good to them what befits them

uya e paNNum– for their day today existence and sustenance;

paran um– all these are done by the most merciful SarvEshwaran

parivul ilan aampadi– as if He is also not having much care for the people;

em raamanusan– our Ramanuja

pal uyirrkum– even for various different people [due to their birth, guNas]

veedu aLippaaan– for granting mOksham

viNNin thalai ninRu– from the upper world Paramapadham maNNin thalatthu – to this earth

udhitthu– appeared

uy– for saving

naalu maRaium vaLartthanan– propagated the four Vedas and thus vaidika matham and propounded the same.

EmperumAnar indwells in everyone as Antharyaami, corrects them and enables them perform good deeds for them to be saved. But though all that He wants to do and does is good to beings, still evil minded people, ajnAnam, hatred flourish. Avaidka mathams are found to be growing with distorted vedic statements.

But Sri Bhasyakarar without being an in-dweller and without being the Lord, still could transform people removing their a~jnAnam and save them. He could crush the avaidika mathams and establish the vedic matham. He removes hatred from people by advising Athma guNas to be cultivated for Srivaishnavas.

Thus he has appeared perhaps from SrivaikuNtam as sent by the Lord from Paramapadham on special mission. Who has appeared as, May be one of Nithyasuris; may be the Lord Himself; Since he is in different form now, this form is thus glorified by the world. EmperumAn – the Lord though dwells inside, is not able to prevent the beings from going on wrong track. While the acharya is able to change them by proper upadEsams; explanations and remove their anjnAnam; thereby he transforms them.Saasthra jnAnam is possible only through upadesam. One can not achieve the same from residing inside the heart.

Why should someone come from Paramapadham then Someone good scholar – or acharyan here itself could have achieved the same? No.. it is not possible as he would not have had paripoorna crystal clear jnAnam and unambiguous interpretation of Vedas and Upanishads would not have been possible otherwise. Since all upadEsams are paramaartthams, they have to come from those of Parama padham.

maRai naalum vaLartthanan– He saved the Vedas; not just that, He saved the four Tamil Vedas – the Tamil Divine verses which are equal to Rk, Yajur, saamam and atharva Vedas.

uy– all these were existing for the sake of saving Him and us and get to know clearly of our relationship with Him.



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