Paduka Sahasram Part 80


Sloka #791

791. rangEshithuscharaNapankajayOrBhajanthI
mAnyAkruthirnivishasE maNipAdharakshE!
maDhyE paricChadhaviBhUShaNavargayOsthvam

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Manipaaduka! Highly respectable Yourself can be counted in the category of useful appurtenances, like umbrella, wafter etc. and also in that of artistic jewellery such as armlets and crowns.

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Oh MaNi PaadhukE! You are of worshipful form. You serve as the protection for the Lord’s holy feet as well as the decoration for them. According to the demands of the occasion, You switch from one role (protection) to the other (decoration) readily. You move between these two roles with ease and alacrity.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam: Oh PaadhukE! One can describe as a protector of the Lord’s sacred feet or as an aabharaNam for them. You can therefore be in the category of Umbrella and the like, which serve the Lord or in the category of aabharaNam such as the crown .You display versatality depending on the occasion.

3) Oh PaadhukE! Your form is worthy of high reverence (Tava aakruthi: MaanyA). You stand in the mid region between a protector for the Lord’s lotus petal soft feet and a decorative object for them (Thvam RangEsithu: charaNa pankajayO: rakshA-prasAdhana vikalpasahAm avasTAm bhajanthi). You are in the middle of entities like umbrella, which protects the Lord from the Sun and aabharaNams that serve as decorations (Paricchadha -VibhUshaNa vargayO: madhyE nivisasE)…(V.S).

Sloka #792

792. angAntharEShu nihithAnyaKhilAni kAmam
paryAyakalpanasahAni viBhUShaNAni
nithyam mukundhapadhapadhmathalAnurUpam
naIpaThyamamba! BhavathI nayanABhirAmam

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Mother! The ornaments that Lord wears in all other limbs are disposable and exchangeable, whereas You are the only one to adorn the Lotus Feet and You cannot be exchanged for another. You are permanent. And it is so pleasing to the eyes!

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Oh PaadhukA Mother! The other decorative objects adorning the different limbs of the Lord would be either too small or large depending on the size of His limbs. Although the rest of the jewelery of the Lord can not change their shape or size, You are able to change according to changing occasion and fit Your Lord’s feet exactly. You are a delight to see on the Lord’s Thiruvadi on every occasion.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam:Oh PaadhukE! PerumAL adorns jewelery on many of His limbs. Each of them can be replaced with another. When it comes to You, no one can replace You as a protector ofthe Lord’s sacred feet. No one can execute the duties that You perform.

3)All the jewelery adorning the limbs other than the Thiruvadi can be interchanged ( angAntharEshu nihithAni akhilAni vibhUshaNAni kaamam paryAkalpanasahAni bhavathi). InYour case however, no entity can replace You in being exactly fit for the Lord’s lotus feet and having the unmatched quality of beauty as a jewelery for them ( Mukundha Padha Padhma Tala anuroopam, nayanAbhirAmam nithyam naipaTyam)..(V.S).

Sloka #793

793. yE nAma BhakthiniyathaIsthava sannivEsham
nirvishya nEthrayugaLaIrna Bhajanthi thrupthim
kAlakramENa kamalEkshaNapAdharakshE!
prAyENa thE pariNamanthi sahasranEthrA:

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Paaduka! Your lovely situation in union with the Lotus Feet is enjoyed by devotion-marked hearts. They even long for a thousand eyes, not being contented with the vision through one’s two eyes. Then they get elevated births like Indra, etc., in course of time.

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: In the previous verse , Swamy Desikan described the PaadhukAs as “nayanAbhirAmam” or a delight to the eyes. Here, he states that one needs thousand eyes to fully feast on the beauty of the PaadhukAs adorning the Lord’s Thiruvadi. He says: ” Oh Paadhukais of the lotus-eyed Lord ! Those devotees of Yours, who fondly enjoy Your beauty thirst yet for more. With the passage of time, their devotion ripens and they become born as thousand eyed IndrAs to take in Your beauty fully.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam: Oh PaadhukE! Those who never get satiated from Your sevai gain every thing that they desire from the seat of BrahmA to Moksham. There is no purushArTam that they can not get.

3) Oh Paadhukais of the Lotus-eyed Lord (KamalEkshaNa PaadharakshE) ! Any one with Bhakthi-laden eyes worship Your form (yE naama bhakthi-niyathai: nEthra yugaLai: Tava sannivEsam nirvisathi) without satiety (thrupthim na bahjanthi), they transfrom over time in to owners of lofty status as Indhraas( tE kaalakramENa prAyENa sahasra nEthrA; pariNamanthi)…(V.S).

Sloka #794

794. padhamapramANamithi vAdhinAm matham
maDhujithpadhE mahathi mAsma BhUdhithi
vyupadhadhi thasya charaNAvani! thvayA
nigamAthmanasthava samapramANathA

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Paaduka! (Tarka sastra would assert that a single word would have no authority) Padam is not correct, in discussion, one would say. It looks as though the foot and Paaduka are equal in size; and, in another sense, of equal authenticity-‘sama’-pramana! As the Paaduka is equivalent to the Veda, the same creditable position is secured by the foot also.

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Swamy Desikan’s talent in using the multiple meanings of the words is abudantly evident here. The words ” Paadham , apramANam, Sama pramANam and Nigama ” are used cleverly by him in this slOkam to convey the message that Lord’s holy feet are equal in glory to the PaadhukAs or vice-versa. “Paadha ” means either a step or a word.”Nigama” means VedAs or an object that moves in proper gait. “apramANam ” means some thing , which is beyond oral explanation. Sama pramANam means one, which has the same measure with another object. Using all these four words in a subtle manner, Swamy Desikan says: ” Oh PaadhukE! You seem to indicate the view of the SasthrAs that Paadham is apramANam is not valid in the case of the Lord’s feet . You seem to suggest that both the Lord’s feet and
Yourself are of similar glory , since VedAs are the common link between the two . You appear to hint that both the Lord’s holy feet and Yourself are of equal measure in glory, since You are extolled by the PramANam known as VedAs in equal measures”.

(2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam: The inner meaning is that the very same pramANams used to reveal the Lord is used to extoll the glory of the Paadhukais(AchAryAs). When we come to know about the existence of SadAchAryAs, then we adduce the presence of the Lord. It has been pointed out that PerumAl incarnates in the form of AchAryAs.Hence PerumAl is like AchAryAs in VyavahAram of assisting the sufferign jeevans.

3) Oh PaadhukE (CharaNAvani) ! May the view (matham) that holds the Lord’s feet is immeasurable not be emphasized (Padham apramANam ithi vaadhinAm matham mahathi MadhujithpathE: maasma bhUth).That thought was revealed by the VedAs which consider You (Veda Svaroopi/nigamAthmana:)) with equal loftiness. That Thiruvadi of the Lord has equal glory (samapramAnam) and this has been revealed (vyadhapAdhi) by the very same VedAs that celebrate the glory of the Lord’s Thiruvadi…(V.S).

Sloka #795

795. apraBhUthamaBhavajjagathrayam yasya mAthumudhithasya pAdhukE!
apramEyamamithasya thathpadham nithyamEva nanu sammitham thvayA

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Paaduka! When the Lord in Trivikrama incarnation, sent one foot up to scale all the worlds, all the three worlds could not equal that one foot. The foot of inestimable magnitude, of the infinite-sized Lord, was and is correctly encompassed by You. You fit in well to the foot. You correctly measured the Foot!

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Here, Swamy Desikan answers the question whether the Lord’s holy feet are equal in glory to the PaadhukAs or vice-versa. He settles in favor of PaadhukAs being slightly superior in glory to the Lord’s holy feet . He says: ” As the Lord’s feet grew and enveloped the three world’s during Trivikrama incarnation, You measured and covered the feet of the Lord , which can not be measured or described easily by anyone. Such is Your glory ! Swamy  Desikan states that the PaadhukAs did not fall one step behind the growing feet of ThrivikramA and provided the exact fit in real time.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam: Paadhukais’ sannivEsam (form) is like the Lord’s Thiruvadi. The universes were not sufficent for the Lord’s Thiruvadis to measure during ThrivikramAvathAram. You measured those Thiruvadis that can not be measured by any one. The Bhagavath svaroopam of the Lord not comprehended even by Brahma and Rudra is understood by the AchAryAs( PaadhukAs).

3)When Lord took ThrivikramAvathAram and starte to measure the universes, there was not enough for His ThituvadigaL to measure (Jagadh Thrayam maathum Yasya Thrivikramasya Jagadh aprabhUtham abhavath). Those ThiruvadigaL can not be neasured by any vasthu (amithasya apramEyam Tath Padham). Oh PaadhukE! Those Thiruvadis were measured always by You ( apramEyam Padham ThvayA nithyamEva sammitham)..(V.S).

Sloka #796

796. AlavAlamiva BhAthi pAdhukE! pAdhapasya BhavathI maDhudhviSha:
yathsamIpavinathasya shUlina: sAriNI Bhavathi moULinimnagA

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Paaduka! You serve as the water-store at the bottom of the tree of the Lord, the Ganga water from the head of Siva flowing into You when he is head-bowed to You.

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Oh PaadhukE! You are like the basin or trench for the tree of RanganAtha. The water from GangA residing in RudrA’s head flows in that trench, when Rudra bows before You through bending of his head. Rudra irrigates the tree of the Lord with Your help.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam:Oh PadhukE! You appear like the irrigating feed canal for the Kalpaka tree. When Lord Siva bends down to prostrate before the Lord, the GangA pravAham spills over and flows along the feed canals of Paadhukais to nourish the Kalpaka tree (the Lord).For pleasing the Lord, Sivan and others prostrate before the Lord’s Paadhukais.

3) Oh PaadhukE ! You serve as a feed canal for the Kalpaka tree of Your Lord (Bhavathee Madhudhvisha: paadhapasya aalavAlamiva bhAthi). Near You is the bowed head of Siva holding the waters of GangA that flows through You as the feed canal to irrigate the Kalpaka tree, Your Lord ( yath sameepa vinathasya Soolina: mouLi-nimagnA saariNi bhavathi)..(V.S).

Sloka #797

797. mOdhamAnamunibrundhaShatpadhA BhAthi mukthimakarandhavarShiNI
kApi ranganrupathE: padhAmbujE karNikA kanakapAdhukAmayI

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

In the lotus foot of the Lord, Gold Paaduka looks like a central seed portion of the lotus. The swarms of beetles hovering round the centre are the seers who seek Moksha honey from the feet.

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Swamy Desikan compares the golden PaadhukAs to the lotus fruit, which is surrounded by Sages taking the form of bees to drink the nectar of Moksham. He says: ” The happy sages have taken the form of bees to drink deep the nectar of Moksham stored in the pericarp of Your golden lotus form”.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam:Oh PaadhukE! YOu appear like thefruit inside the lotus flower of the Lord’s sacred feet. The sages who meditate on the Lord swarm around You to enjoy the honey of Lord. You generate the honey of Moksham.

3) Oh PaadhukE! You shine like the fruit of the golden lotus, Lord RanganAtha ( Ranga NrupathE; Padha ambhujE kanaka paadhukA mayee karNikA iva bhAthi). The assembly of Sages hover around to taste the honey of Moksham flowing from You ( ModhamAna muni brundha shaDpadhA mukthi marakantha varshiNee)

Sloka #798

798. yugapadhanuviDhAsyan yoUvatham thulyarAgam
yadhupathiraDhichakrE yAvathO rUpaBhEdhAn
thadhidhamathivikalpam biBhrathI sannivEsham
thava Khalu padharakshE! thAvathI mUrthirAsIth

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Paaduka! Krishna took as many physical forms as there were gopa damsels (sixteen thousand in one reckoning), to please them all as they wanted. As He took so many forms, You too took a different number- (double His number) as needed!

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Oh PaadhukE! When Lord KrishNa as a grahsthA fulfilled the affection of each of the Sixteen thousand plus wives, He took Sixteen thousand plus identical forms to be with each of them at their houses. At that time, You multiplied two fold than His sixteen thousand plus forms to cover each of the two feet of Your Lord. Therefore , I consider Your glories to be larger in number than that of Your Lord.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam:During KrishNAvathAram, our Lord married sixteen thousand and one hundred kanyAs and to please every one of them, He took different roopams for each one of them and lived as a grahasthA in their homes.At that time, You took on 32,200 roopams to fit both of His sacred feet at each of His houses.

3) Once upon a time (yugapadh) , our Lord took the avathAram of KrishNa ( Yadhupathi) and to create equal love (Tulya rAgam) for every one of the 16,100 kanyAs whom He wedded, He took on that many roopams (roopa bhEdhAn adhichakrE).You took on double that form (sannivEsam) to fit all of those 16,100 forms of Your Lord…(V.S).

Sloka #799

799. thatthadhvrutthEranuguNathayA vAmanIm vyApinIm vA
prApthE rangapraThithaviBhavE BhUmikAm sUthraDhArE
manyE vishvasThithimayamahAnAtikAm nEthukAmA
nAnAsamsThA Bhavathi BhavathI pAdhukE! narthakIva

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Paaduka! As the Lord Ranganatha, in Srirangam as in the stage that the whole world is, being the chief stage-manager, takes many garbs suited to the occasion, small or big, You also adapt Yourself to all His roles. All for the drama of world-Safe-guarding.

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: Oh PaadhukE! Lord of SrIrangam performs in many dramas. You participate in every one of these dramas orchestrated by Him and take the appropriate form so that His efforts to help the world become fully successful. Swamy Desikan considers PaadhukAs as an accomplished lady dancer, who accompanies the cherographer every step of the way in the many dances that He performs. For instance, when the Lord took the form of VaamanA, PaadhukAs became small to fit His tiny feet; when He became gigantic as ThrivikramA, the PaadhukAs grew without missing a beat. PaadhukAs are never out of step with the Lord, the Master dancer/cherographer.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam:The inner meaning is that the AchAryAs help the Lord at all times, when our Lord takes an avathAram to protect the world and its beings. Our Lord asked Swamy NammAzhwAr to help Him in Kali yugam and he incarnated and blessed us with his dhivya Prabhandhams in Tamil. Like that the AchAryAs follow the Lord’s commands in different ways.

3) SrIrangam is the dance stage of RanganAthan (Ranga PraTitha vibhavan Rangan). There He is the master conductor and orchestrates every thing (Soothra dhAra vrutthi) for His dance. On that stage, He appears short as Vaamana or tall as Thrivikrama befitting His chosen role (Tath vrutthE: anuguNathayA VaamanIm, vyApaneem vaabhUmikAm prApthavAn). Oh PaadhukE! You assume appropriate forms befitting those occasions and join Your Lord in those great dances (VisvasTithi mahAnADikAm nEthukAmA narthakeeva nAnAsamsTA bhavathi)…(V.S).

Sloka #800

800. mAnE param samAnE prathyakshENAgamEnApi
haricharaNasya thavApi thu vaIShamyam rakshyarakshakathvABhyAm

Meaning (translated by Sri. U.Ve. V.N. Vedanta Desikan)

Oh Paaduka! What an excellent identity between the feet and the Paaduka! In direct viewing both have equal size and identical shape. The scriptures too grant equality between them. So far all right. But the protected-the protector basis reverses the situation. The foot is but protected by the great protector that You are.

Special Notes from Sri. U.Ve. V. Sadagopan

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam: In the earlier verse, Swamy Desikan pointed out that the PaadhukAs take the appropriate form fitting the Lord’s feet to join in His efforts to protect the world. Actually, PaadhukAs change their sizes and shapes to protect Him. Although Lord’s feet and PaadhukAs have been proven to be equal in glory earlier, Swamy Desikan opines that PadhukAs are slightly superior in glory inview of its service to protect the Lord during all His campaigns. He says: ” Oh PaadhukE! By direct and indirect (Vedic) proofs, it has been established that You and Your Lord’s feet have equal measure of glory. However from the point of of view of Your protection of Lord’s feet, You exceed somewhat the glory of Lord’s feet. You have reached a higher status because of Your role as a protector of the Lord’s holy feet.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam:Oh PaadhukE! In length, breadth and every dimension, You match Your Lord’s Thiruvadi. The only difference is that You protect and the Lord’s feet are protected. The inner meaning is that there is no difference between AchAryAs and PerumAL. Without the AchAryA’s help, PerumAL’s work never gets done. Thus SadAchAryAs protect PerumAL.

3) Oh PaadhukE! Between You and the Lord’s sacred feet, there is no difference in form, size and shape and saasthrEic principles (Hari CharaNasya TavApi prathyakshENa aagamEnAapi maanE samAnam). There is however one difference inspite of the similarities (SamAnOapi Vaishmyam asthi). That relates to Rakshya-Rakshakathvam (Fit to be protected and that which protects)…(V.S).

SannivEsa Paddhathi SampUrnam

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