Kainkaryarm for publication of Swami Desikan Stotras Book By Mumbai Sri Desika Sabha


Sri Vedantha Desika Sampradaya Sabha, Mumbai ‘s Book on Swami Desikan Stotras are Very Popular among all SrIvaishnavites. Due to sale of all copies of last edition, the sabha is now Printing the next edition. Devotees cooperation and asistance is essential to bring out this edition and to make it affordable to all, especially the younger generation.

An Appeal from the sabha is given below.

Sri Vedantha Desika Sampradaya Sabha (Regd.) has been one of the foremost organisations promoted by Srivaishnavites in the Metropolis of Mumbai. Initially all the activites of the Sabha used to be held at various residences of Srivaishanavites who were mainly residing in and around Matunga.The Sabha since its inception in 1952 has been organizing periodical Discourses by eminent Vidwans and Scholars from all over the  country and has also been promoting local talents. It has been conducting Utsavams of our Alwars and Acharyas and Publishing books of Sri Vedantha Desika and Tiruvardhana Kramam.

The Objective of the Sabha is to Propagate Sri Vedantha Desika’s Sampradaya mainly among all our Srivaishnavite Community and also for others to follow and become a part of our Community.

With the above Objectives in mind, time and again the Sabha has been publishing the Stotras of Sri Vedantha Desika in Tamil & Sanskrit and has been well received to the extent that the last eight Editions of the book is fully sold out and it is in the process of printing its Ninth Edition.

The last couple of Editions have been brought out with beautiful Photographs of various Divya Deshams deities apart from our own at the Sabha.

These Photographs have been Sponsored time and again by some of our Devotees, which has enabled us to subsidise the cost of the Book and ensure that the same is very reasonably priced and is affordable to all.

It is our desire to Solicit support from Sponsors for the Photographs in the form of Donation at Rs.5,000/- per colour

Photograph and there will 17 Photographs. A list of all the Donors will be on a dedicated Page of Sponsors. We shall also be giving a Copy of the Ninth Edition to all the Sponsors for their reference. The last date for receipt of sponsors is July 10, 2012.

We would request all the Devotees to participate in this Noble venture and send your Cheques to the Sabha Office or you may get in touch with any of the following Committee Members, who will revert back to you on the subject.

Sri S. Govindrajan – 9892516203, Sri S. Saranathan 9867550316, Sri. K. Srinivasan 9820335950, Sri Ramaswamy 9869039551, Sri P. Raghavan 9820222636, Sri S. Santhanam 9833274861, Sri S.K. Iyengar 98211 41403, Sri Raghavan 9820184582.

K. Srinivasan
Hony. Secretary
S. Govindrajan

Sri Desika Bhavanam, 543 Adenwala Road, Matunga, Mumbai 400 019 INDIA
Tel; 91 22 2412 7030
E Mail; desikasabhamumbai2@rediffmail.com

Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan Swami

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