Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 88



உழுவது, நடுவது மற்றும் அறுப்பது ஆகிய செயல்கள் எப்போதும் ஆரவாரத்துடன் நெல் வயல்களில் நடந்து கொண்டே இருக்கும்படி உள்ள வயல்களால் சூழப்பட்டது திருக்குறையலூர் ஆகும். இவ்வூரில் அவதரித்த திருமங்கை ஆழ்வார் ஆளிச்செய்த பெரிய திருமொழி, திருக்குறுந்தாண்டகம், திருநெடுந்தாண்டகம் போன்ற தமிழ் மறைகளை எப்போதும் மனதில் வைப்பதால் உள்ளம் பூரித்தபடியே எம்பெருமானார் உள்ளார். இத்தகைய ஞானம் காரணமாகவே மிகுந்த வலிமை கொண்ட சிங்கம் போன்று உள்ளார். இந்த உலகில் பௌத்தர்கள் போன்று வேதங்களே இல்லை என்று மறுக்காமல், வேதங்கள் உண்மை என்று ஏற்றுக் கொண்ட போதிலும், அவற்றுக்குத் தவறான பொருளைக் கற்பித்தபடி உள்ளவர்கள் புலிகள் போன்று திருந்து கொண்டிருந்தனர். அந்த நேரத்தில் அவர்களை வலிமை குன்றச் செய்யும் வகையில் சிங்கம் போன்று எம்பெருமானார் இந்த உலகில் அவதாரம் செய்தார். இதனை நான் எப்போதும் புகழ்ந்து போற்றியபடி இருப்பேன்.

This verse indirectly reminds us of Swami Parasara bhattar anecdote herein.. Bhattar received his upadesam from sri Ramanuja; he was the son of Kuresa and sishya of Embaar. Bhattar defeated an Advaitic Scholar at Melkote by using Thirumangai AzhwAr’s wonderful verses on Thiru NedundhaaNdakam as the basis for discussion and converted him to Visishtadvaitam. He accepted him as his prime disciple and gave him the name of Namjeeyar. Bhattar returned to Srirangam with Namjeeyar and visited Sri Ranganatha at his sanctum sanctorium. He had the good fortune of conversing with the Lord of Srirangam like Thirukkacchi Nambi could speak with Sri Varadaraja. Both Rangantha and Varadaraja broke their Archa Silence to speak to their special devotees. Bhattar told the Lord as to what happened at Melkote and how he used TNT to defeat the Advaita Vedantin in a scholastic debate. SriRanganatha asked Bhattar to repeat the winning arguments. The Lord was very pleased with Bhattar’s defense and blessed him. This event is celebrated even today at Srirangam on the eve of Adhyayana Utsavam by the Arayar, who enacts the incident at Melkote before Sri Ranganatha. This festival at Srirangam is known as Thirunedumthaandakam. [from Sri Satakopan Swami’s article]. This is also due to Ramanuja’s grace only.


Thirumangai AzhwAr born in the most fertile land of ThirukkuRaiyaloor, sand in chaste tamil verses of Thirumozhi that roar and reverberate the esoteric vedanthic truths in easy to understand manner. This most wonderful divine verses of Thirumangai AzhwAr were considered as thaarakam, poshakam and bhogyam [existence, sustenance, enjoyment] by Swami EmperumAnAr. Swami enjoy reading these verses and utilize these verses and their vedanthic truths to chase away other religious vaadhis and shine like a victorious lion. EmperumAnAr crushed these idhara mathasthars [other religion’s avaidika people] like the King lion that kills the tiger which eats the poor saadhu animals. I am blessed to praise his such greatest glories –says Amudhanar.

maRai vaadhiyar aam– those who opposed the vedic truths and distort them OR oppose the Tamil Vedas

puli mikkadhu– such tigers were found in plenty; enRu – enquiring thus and furthermore

kali mikka– the strongest

sennel kazhani kuRaiyal kalai perumAn– Kaliyan, the one is the master of all arts and weaponry, born in ThirukuRaiyaloor the most fertile land, oli mikka paadalai- the divine verses of his – that roar the visEsha vedantha artthams and are rhyming and musical as well;

uNdu– enjoyed reading in conjunction with the divine Vedas

uLLam thadhtthu– benefited by that rich tonic of those verses

adhanaal vali mikka seeyam Iraamaanusan– Because of that, and with the help of these verses and their vedanthic truths, the huge male lion Ramanuja conquered the vaadhis;

e bhuvanatthil vandhamai pORRuvaan– Such greatest Ramanuja appeared in this world- I am blessed to utter that

Because of Ramanuja’s birth only we are now blessed to recite the divine verses of Thirumangai AzhwArs and the way he could chase away the opponents using the vedanthic truth enshrined in those verses. [Read Bhattar anecdote in the first para.] Thus he shines like a male lion chasing away the tigers. – I am blessed to sing thus.

When people refused to accept the tamil verses as apramANam and did not want the same recited in the temples, Swami emperumAnar reestablished and organized the ariyar sEvai. Using the tamil verses’ tattva and visEsha artthams, Ramanuja conquered them and convinced them of their value. The siddhantham thus was saved and ubhaya vedantha sampradayam was well established.



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