Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 87



மிகுந்த ஞானம் உள்ளவர்கள் துதித்தாலும், துதிக்கும் ஞானம் அற்றவர்கள் துதிக்க முற்பட்டாலும் அவர்களுக்கு ஏற்றபடி தன்னையும், தனது ஸ்வரூபம் மற்றும் குணங்களை எம்பெருமானார் எப்போதும் வைத்தபடி உள்ளார். இவ்விதமே சிறந்த ஞானம் உள்ளவர்கள் எம்பெருமானாரைத் தெளிந்து அறிகின்றனர். இத்தகைய பரவிய புகழை உடைய எம்பெருமானார், தனது ஆழ்பொருள் வெளியே தெரியாமல் தன்னுள்ளே மறைத்து வைத்துள்ள வேதத்தை ஆதாரமாக வைத்துக் கொண்டு வேதார்த்த ஸங்க்ரஹம் , கீதபாஷ்யம் போன்றவற்றை அருளிச்செய்து, சிறந்த ஞானத்தை உலகிற்கு அளித்தார். ஆயினும் இத்தகைய ஞானத்தில் பொருந்தாமல் சிலர் இருக்ககூடும். அவர்களை கலியின் தோஷங்கள் ஆக்ரமித்துக் கொள்ளும்.

EmperumAnAr upadEsam is capable of transforming everyone. If it does not change few- means Kali purushan influence is heavier and it is their destiny to be under the influence of Kali. Kali purushan went and pleaded to Ramanuja that he does not have any hold as the whole world is listening to EmperumAnAr and utters his divine name. He prayed to him and suggested that he [Kali purushan] would catch those who do not follow or believe Ramanuja’s words and go astray. What will he do by catching them? He will make them feel “these sishyas and dAsas of Ramanuja are so happy and enjoying without any dukkam? They are so joyful uttering his divine name? Why did I not join them when there was an opportunity! Alas! I am doomed.” Thus, he makes them suffer. – says Amudhanaar.


Whether they are great scholars or ignoramuses, they attempt to praise Ramanuja due to their love and bhakti for him. They love to praise and enjoy doing that. When someone does not join this group of ocean of sishyas of EmperumAnAr who teaches the essence of vedanthic truths in clearer terms and saves everyone, Kali purushan catches that person and lets him suffer [means: Those sishyas will not be under the influence of Kali purushan]

periyavar paesilum– whether it is religious arguments or anushtAna arguments when spoken by those who shine with jnAnam;

pEdhaiyar paesilum– or those who do not have such a saasthra jnAnam argue whatever little they know of;

than guNankatku– he considers them all as equal and with that kalyANa guNa

uriya sol enRum udayavan– only that equality is found in him always- like that people praise;

enRu enRu– thus and very many times like this

uNarvil mikkadhOr theriyum– knowing their jnAnam and status well

peru keertthi Iraamanusan– by most glorious Acharya Sri Ramanuja; and due to His grace

maRai thErndhu– attaining clearer jnAnam on Veda Vedanthas

ulagil puriyum jnAnam– the truthful knowledge that is spread thus in the world;

porundhaadhavarai– those who do not keep the above in their minds and do not believe in Ramanuja and to those mahaa paapis

kali porum– Kali purusha will not spare and torture.

If someone is a good person, dharmaathma and does not listen or heed to EmperumAnAr upadesam, the reason is: Is EmperumAnAr not willing to logically explain to him and argue? Even if he talks to him, he will not speak the truth and clarify? Or is he not going to listen? – nothing of that sort. Who ever- and whatever may be their level of understanding or intelligence, if they ask EmperumAnAr clearly explains and makes them understand in very clear manner and unambiguous way. And this is known to the whole world. The scholars know of his sowseelyam, sowlabhyam, samathvam etc. But why does not the whole world have only Srivaishnavam and why there are other religions found in plenty That is the influence of Kali Purushan. It is because of their paapams and nothing else. [elleerum veedu petraal ulagillai enRE.. ]

There is also another interpretation for this verse: [as explained in first para]. Whoever and whatever may be the jnAnam, if they praise to their level of scholarship, EmperumAnAr accepts their praise to their extent of scholarship. Those who do not get their jnAnam from EmperumAnAr due to their not believing in him or his sampradayam, Kali purushan catches them.



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