Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 81



மற்ற எந்த விஷயங்களிலும் மனதைத் திருப்பாமல், எம்பெருமானாரின் திருவடி நிழலில் மட்டுமே அடைக்கலம் என்று புகுந்த அவரது அடியார்களிடம் மட்டுமே நான் நீண்ட காலம் அண்டி நின்று, பகவத் விஷயமாகக் கூட ஏதும் செய்யாது இருந்தேன். அப்போது, திருவரங்கத்தில் கண்வளரும் அழகியமணவாளனின் திருமேனி நிறத்துக்கு ஏற்ப உள்ள அவனுடைய சிறந்த அழகான திருவடிகளை எனக்கு எம்பெருமானார் காட்டிக் கொடுத்தார். மேலும் அவனது திருவடிகளைப் பிரியாமல், எப்போதும் அவனுக்கு அடிமைத் தொண்டு செய்தபடி நான் இருக்கும் விதமாகவும் எம்பெருமானார் செய்தார். எம்பெருமானரே! இத்தனை கருணை பொழிந்த உம்முடைய கருணைக்கு ஒப்பு எனக் கூற ஏதும் இல்லை.

Even though bhAgawatha kaimkarya is better than bhagawath kaimkaryam, as per the instruction and command of Swami Ramanuja, Amudhanaar was performing kaimkaryam at Sri Ranganathan sannidhi. He was a Chief priest and thus by performing ThiruvArAdhanam, archana to the Lord enabling His devotees thronging to see Him and enjoy Him get benefited. Thus he is doing both bhagawath kaimkarya as well as bhAgawatha kaimkaryam. Hence one should not simply do bhAgawatha kaimkarya alone; it has to be mixed with Bhagawath kaimkaryam- That is Acharya’s command – says Amudhanaar.


I, who had never thought of service to the Bhagawathas (who always serve your Lotus feet and not think of any other matter), was correctly transformed and advised by DevarIr due to Your grace that “I am the servant of them only; and None else;” And it is Sri RanganAthan’s nature to enable and let His devotees join the group of Srivaishnavas (like He has blessed us join this glorious group); His Lotus Feet are only for Bhagawathas to desire for taking refuge with and serving the same. Such Greatest Lord’s dhivya mangaLa vigraha [ThirumEni] is dark hued colour; and DevarIr (Your) Lotus feet are opposite to that and are of reddish Lotus Like fair complexioned colour. You have blessed me with a constant uninterrupted thought on Your Lotus feet only! Oh RamanujA! There is NO PARALLEL FOR YOU and YOUR GRACE!

unthan thuNai adi keezh– Your Lotus Feet [that are complimentary to each other] in blessing the sishyas themselves mercifully;

sOrvu inRi– with no tiredness or slackening

thoNdu pattavarpaal– serving acharya kaimkaryam [at your Lotus feet]

saarvu inRi– to those bhaagawathas – and without expecting aanything else

ninRa enakku– to me [who rejected and ignored even bhagawath kaimkaryam and was only on acharya and bhAgawatha kaimkaryam]

arangan seeyya thaal iNaigaL– Lord Ranganathan’s red pairs of divine lotus feet

pErvu inRi- at the same time– without interruption I am also blessed with bhAgawtha kaimkaryam

peRutthum Iraamaanusa– all these – I am blessed to obtain, Ramanuja! [is only because of your grace]

ini un seer onRiya karuNaikku– hereafter [after this blessing], there can not be any other for me grander and better and what a grace!

therivu uRil– if one thinks of and enquires

maaRu illai– There is no parallel for this; no way one can pay back for this; no way one can find equal to this grace…

When I realized that it is the only goal to serve the great acharya – Swami KooratthAzhwAn who is always at Your lotus feet and is the Prime Sishya of yours, and stand there you commanded me and blessed me with an assignment in Bhagawaan Lord Sri Ranganathan saanidhi. I was satisfied only with Acharya kaimkaryam and bhAgwatha kaimkaryam. I was not having the ruchi and enjoyment of bhagawath kaimkaryam and the necessity of that for Srivaishnavas. Swami! You transformed me to realize that it is our nature to serve the Lord and His devotees. Serving the Lord is also essential and enjoyable. Ultimately that is what we are going to perform nithya kaimkaryam at Lord’s lotus feet in Srivaikuntam- You advised: Swami’s unbounded grace on adiyEn – this lowliest self to serve the Lord as the priest and serve His devotees thereby as well. When there are thousand waiting to do that,, Swami EmperumAnAr instructed adiyEn to do that kaimkaryam. What a bhaagyam! dhanyOsmi… – Amudhanar feels gratefully for Ramanuja’s mercy on him.

I am blessed with bhagawatha bhAgwatha and Acharya kaimkaryam right here in this earth and will continue to do that in Srivaikuntam also. There can be no parallel thus for Ramanuja’s grace.

iNai– pair if lotus feet. Why there is a plural for the same in the verseiNaigaL… Sri Uttaamur Swami adds: it means the lotus feet of Moolavar Azhagiya Manavaalar and Uthsavar NumperumAL. . two pairs of Lotus Feet.

maaRu- kaimmaaRu; oppudhal– or maaRudhal three meanings I am reminded of Swami Desikan oru kaimmaaRu maayanum kaaNagillaan

SrI Satakopan swami writes: Swami Desikan has pointed out that it is impossible to pay back in any manner to The AchAryA, who lights the lamp of knowledge in our minds and banishes the nescience and vipareetha JnAnam that occupied our mind before. The only service that we can do is to praise His kalyANa guNAs and reflect on them and to spread the message of the great
help that he gave us (AchAryam prakAsayEth):

yERRi manatthu yezhil jnAna viLakkai iruL anaitthum
mARRinavarkku oru kaimmAru Maayanum kANahillAn
pORRi uhapathum punthiyil koLvathum pongu puhazh
sARRI vaLarpathum saRRallavO munnam peRRathaRkE

Swami Desikan states authoritatively that even the Lord can not find a proper way to return the gratitude for the AchAryan who lit the JnAna deepam in our minds and chased away the darkness of ajnAnam.

Sathyaki Tantram gives us the same message, when it says: “GurO: Gurutaram naasthi” (There is nothing more sacred than one’s AchAryA). Upanishad asserts: “AchArya dEvO Bhava”.




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