Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 70

“perunkaruNai iramanusan”
“perunkaruNai iramanusan”


எம்பெருமானாரே! மிகுந்த பாவங்களுடன், உலக விஷயங்களில் ஈடுபட்டபடி உள்ள என்னை நீவிர் பார்க்க வேண்டும். இவ்விதம் உலக விஷயங்களில் மட்டுமே ஈடுபட்டபடி உள்ள என்னுடைய குணங்களை நீவிர் காண வேண்டும். எண்ண இயலாத உயர்ந்த திருக்கல்யாண குணங்கள் கொண்டுள்ள உம்மையே நீவிர் ஒருமுறை பார்த்துக் கொள்ள வேண்டும். இப்படியாக ஒப்பு நோக்கிய பார்வை மூலம், பரமகாருணிகரான நீவிர், எல்லையற்ற பாவங்கள் நிறைந்த என்னை வாரி எடுத்து, உமது கருணைக்கு இலக்காக்க வேண்டும். இவ்விதம் நீவிர் செய்யாமல், என்னைக் காப்பாற்ற என்னிடம் வேறு ஏதேனும் நன்மை உள்ளதா என்று நீவிர் ஆராய்ந்து பார்த்தால், உமது திருவடிகளை அண்டியுள்ளவர்கள், உம்முடைய உயர்ந்த குணங்களைக் குறித்து ஐயம் கொள்ள மாட்டார்களா?

Like the Lord it is good that Ramanuja has not delayed in blessing me; He has blessed me with his infinite mercy then and there when he saw me. – Amudhanaar says.


Oh EmperumaanaarE! Sri RamanujA! For time immemorial, I, the lowly self, had been immersing myself in sensual pleasures and carnal desires; After you have accepted me, I, who was intertwined with all my karma vaasanaas, bondage, was blessed with Your graceful kataaksham. You saw me and You saw my lowly nature too. You have still gracefully considered me as a worthy object for redemption. Is there anything I repeat- any thing good in me for you to take that as a cue for Your mercy? And still You have showered your dayA on me?
What a dayA!

Is there any benefit for you in Your mercy on me? (None) and still You have blessed m with Your grace. What a grace! If you look only for some thing good for one to surrender at Your Feet, who is qualified to do so? None. (Not at least me). And still you have enabled me to surrender to You. How and what can one see Your such limitless, unbounded grace? (Iraamaanusaa! emperumAnArE!
ennaiyum paarrtthu– seeing this mahaa paapi

en iyalvaiyum paartthu– and knowing that “hereafter this guy will never change himself; he does not have capacity for any jnAna, vairAgyam”

eNN il– innumerous

palguNatthu unnaiyum paarkkil– seeing shakthi jnAna, sowseelya sowlabhya vaathsalya guNAs of yourself [EmperumAnAr’s]

aruL seyvadhE nalam– it is the best thing to bless me immediately right now

anRi enpaal– further, in me

pinnaiyum paarkkil– let us delay a little further [if you decide] and keep quiet for some time

nalam uLadhE– though your jnAnam, shakthi and other guNAs would not at all diminish or reduce; They would be just the same- GRAND.

Unnai saarndhaar un peru karuNai thannai en paarppar– what would those disciples who have taken refuge at your feet- think about this object that belongs to you always! – Please consider this aspect and save me.

There are innumerous follies and karma vaasanaas in me which can be removed only with the tremendous jnAna, shakthi of yours. Even if there are more than what I have, I am sure your strength and dayA can rid of all of them. You can do that ever after further course of time. But please do not delay any further. This is my humble request. Save me on this day itself. If you delay any further, what would other sishyas who are at your feet think of yourself and your capacity to save? If you delay and wait for me to get some goodness in me, there is no way, Swami. My father! You would also not have the satisfaction of saving a completely erring soul from zero.




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