Thiruvelliyangudi – Divya Desam


Sthala Puranam

This Divya Desham is existing from past four yugas. In Satya Yuga, it was known as Brahmaputram. In Treta Yuga, it was known as Parasharam. In Dvapara Yuga, it was known as Saindranagaram. And in this Kali Yuga, it is known as Bhargavapuram.

This Divya Desham is associated with Lord Vamana’s pastime.

While the great king, Bali, was donating 3 steps to Lord Vamana (who was in the guise of a brahmana boy), Shukra, King Bali’s guru, identified that the dwarf brahmana was none than Lord Vishnu and instructed King Bali to not donate. Inspite of that instruction, King Bali was greatly happy to donate to the Lord Himself. Hence, Shukra, immediately becomes a small insect, blocks the kettle mouth (Kamandalu) of King Bali while donating 3 steps. At that time, Lord Vamana pierces the insect’s eye with His darbha (kusha grass), so that the donating process is completed (by letting the water fall three times). For this act of the Lord, Shukra loses His eyesight and falls down from the Kamandalu.

Hence Shukracharya performed penance in this place and got back his lost eyesight.

On the request of Indra, Mayan, Markandeya, Shukra, Brahma and Parashara, the Lord handed over his conch and discus to His devotee Garuda and blessed them the vision in Kalyana Tirukkolam or Marriage Ceremonial Alankara. Hence even now, one can see these two divine Ayudas of the Lord, in the hands of Garuda. In the whole world, this is the only temple where one can see Garuda with four arms in the rising posture. Hence Garuda here is known as Chaturbhuja Garuda.

Location & Route


  • Route Hint 1: This temple is located at a distance of 5 kms from Cholapuram and Tirupanandal on the route from Kumbhakonam to Anaikkarai.
  • Route Hint 2: This temple is located on the Aaduthurai, Tirupanandal road at a distance of 3 kms from Muttakudi when one takes the Kumbhakonam, Mailaduthurai main road.
  • Route Hint 3: 20 kms from Kumbhakonam on Anaikkarai road. Go upto Senkanur on Anaikkarai road and travel 1 km from there.

Timings & Contact


First Half: 8:00 AM to 12.30 PM

Second Half: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Contact Address & Number:

S. Ramamurthy Bhattachariyar
Sri Kolavill Ramar Aalayam
Tiruvelliyangudi, Palakudi (Post), Tirumangalakudi (Via),
Kumbhakonam – 612102
Telephone: 0435-2943152
Mobile: 98434 70120

Moolavar or Main Deity’s Name: Kolavilli Raman

Posture: Reclining, facing east (Bhujanga Shayanam)

Utsavar or Procession Deity’s Name: Shringara Sundaran

Tayar (Lord’s Consort) Moolavar Name: Maragadhavalli




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