Avanam Paruthiyur – Sthala Puranam


tadaga bhumi gata vigraham devanugraha gocharam
ajanubhahu lavanya rupam divya kodanda dhanusham
sita lakshmana hanumat sametam paruthiyur nivasantam
krishna sastri samsevitam sriramachandram dhyayami

I meditate on Paruthiyur Sri Ramachandra, who was extolled by Krishna Sastri, whose archa-vigraha was discovered by divine grace under the bed of the temple tank and whose tall and graceful form with Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman accompanying, has the divine bow Kodanda.

Location: Thriuvarur district, about five kilometers from Kodavasal, near Sengalipuram on the banks of Kudamrutti River is a beautiful village called Avanam Paruthiyur. When we pass the gushing Kudamurutti River and enter the village we come to the well known Paruthiyur Perumal Temple. After the dharshan of the main deity in the temple Sri Varadharaja perumal, when we turn to the right, facing south is Paruthiyur Kodandaramar Parivar Sannadhi for which this temple is popular. Very attractive tall and handsome Molava Murtis and astonishing Utsava Murtis. If Molavar is beautiful, utsavars are even more beautiful.

Paruthiyur Ramar: The history shows that the finding of this Rama was to fulfill the desire of ardent devotee named Sri Krishna Sastri revered as Paruthiyur Periyava. This temple was a life and soul of this Mahaan. Periyava had conducted Ramayana pravachans and did over 100 Pattabhishekams in his career and was a Pravachana Pithamaha. He received Mantropadesam from Marudhanallur Sadguru Kodandarama Swamigal at a very young age, since then Sarvam Rama Mayam, everything was Rama for him. Sastri’s desire was to build a temple for Sri Rama.

Sthala Purana: An ardent devotee of Sri Rama, Paruthiyur Krishna Sastri renovated and maintained several temples. While renovating his ancestral village Perumal temple, Sri Rama instructed him in his dreams to build a temple tank. A very big surprise was waiting for this great Rama Bhakta. Beautiful bronze Rama Murtis were found when he constructed the Tadakam. “Ever auspicious Rama, the heroic Kodanda-Rama, the victorious Jaya-Rama, I enthrone you in my heart and adore you. For me, you are my only wealth. Your path is the only path that I know, your name is the only words that I chant, You are my only gathi, I surrender to you O Rama” cried Sastri in joy. Renovating and maintaining all temples, building a temple for Sri Rama, propagating the virtues of Sri Rama, doing Dhana – Dharma, inducing Bhakti and good conduct in the community was the goal of Sastri’s life. This mahaan attained mukti though Kapala Moksha.

Paruthiyur Ramar: Anjaneya and Sita Pirati are on the right side of Kodandarama and Lakshnama to the left and the divya dhampati bestow their grace in kalyana kolam. The beautiful sundara abhiraama aravinda lochana Paruthiyur Kodandarama, Lakshmana, Sita Devi and Anjaneya are a treat to the devotee.

Prarthanas & Parihaarams: The temple is a symbol of family unity. People performed Prahaara Pradhakshina Pariharams around the temple along with bhagavan nama japas and pujas for consecutive Punarvasu star. It is believed that performing Pujas to Paruthiyur Ramar would eliminate Graha dhoshas, family feuds will vanish and bring unity and ensure lot of happiness and joy within the family.
Pushkarni: Kodandarama Theertham (Mela Kulam), Kudamurutti – Tributary of Cauvery

Important Festivals: Purattasi Saturdays are celebrated for Paruthiyur Anjaneya and Rama Navami is a grand 10 day Utsavam in this temple.

Paruthiyur: Kumbakonam is the nearest big town from Paruthiyur about 25 Kms away. Mannargudi, & Thiruvarur is big towns within the district of Thiruvarur. Thanjavur & Mayiladuthurai will be equal distance from Paruthiyur. Vadakudi, Nannilam, Thimangudi, Chithadi, Manjakudi & Sengalipuram are very nearby villages. Kodavasal & Plavadi are nearest bus stations.

Road Route: From Kumbakonam we take the road route towards Nachiar Kovil and Plavadi. From Plavadi or Kodavasal people can walk or take the auto service to Avanam Paruthiyur. Busses from Kumbakonam to Nachiar Koil, Nagapattinam, Plavadi, Kodavasal, Nannilam, Madhirimangalam, Thirumarugai, etc. pass through Paruthiyur.

Contact: Paruthiyur Kodandaramar Sannadhi
31 Agraharam, Avanam Parithiyur P.O,
Via Sengalipuram, Kodavasal Taluk,
Thiruvarur District, TN 612604.
Email: PKSparivaar@yahoo.com
Bhattacharya: Tel: 9786867387

Courtesy: Sriman Kaushik

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