‘Vaishnavan yavan’ by Perukaranai chakaravartyacharya Swami


‘Vaishnavan Yavan’, article written by U.Ve. Sri Perukaranai chakaravartyacharya Swami of Ahobila Mutt.




About Perukaranai Swami:

Mahavidvan Perukaranai Madabushi Chakravarthyachariar Swamy is today among the few outstanding exponents of Vishishtadvaitha philosophy established and propagated by Shri Ramanuja who upheld the primacy of Vedas and refuted successfully the prevalent materialistic and nithilistic schools of thought.  With a Nyaya Siromani from the Samskrit University Tirupathi in the year 1944, Swamy specialized in Tarka, Vedanta and Sahitya under eminent teachers like Shri Uttamur Viraraghavacharyar, Shri Neelameghacharyar, Shri D.T. Thathacharyar Swamy and Shri Ramanatha Sastrigal.  The culminating tutelage in Shastras came about under the 42nd Pontiff of Shri Ahobila Mutt lasting for over six years.  Swamy has worked as a teacher for a few years and served also as Principal of Maduranthakam Samskrit College.  He was an examiner and an active participant in several Vidvat Sadas for many years.  He has authored several works in both Samskrit and Tamil and has guided and is still guiding a number of students in research and higher studies.  His discourses on Shri Bhashya, Shrimad Rahasyathraya Sara, Shrimad Ramayana and Tiruppavai veritably feast the mind and the spirit of one and all.  Among the many honours and titles conferred on him unsought, the title of Sara Saragna (Commander of quintessential knowledge) awarded by the 42nd Pontiff Shri Ahobila Mutt is the one he cherishes most, coming as it did from an esteemed scholar-saint of the last century.  He is also an Asthana  Vidvan of Shri Ahobila Mutt.

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To read more about Swami, use this link http://perukaranai.tripod.com/

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