H H Sri Rangapriya Swami attained Acharyan Thiruvadi


His Holiness Sri Rangapriya Swami attained Acharyan Thiruvadi this afternoon (about an hour ago) 29th of March 2012, its a great loss for Srivaishnavas, More news to follow as and when we receive further information…..

Sri Rangapriya Swami’s Vaikunta Prapthi to take place tomorrow at Hedathale near Nanjungud,the place has already been instructed by Sri Rangapriya Swami to his shishyas.

Evening update:

H H Parakala Swami is attending rituals tomorrow at Hedathale and the rituals to begin by 10:30 A:M


March 30th Morning updates:









Swami’s Thirunakshatram was recently celebrated on the 7th of March


About HH Sri RangaPriya Swami


H H Sri Rangapriya Maha Desikan

Swamiji was born in the year 1927 in the month of Thai under the star constellation of Makham in the Hedathale village in Mysore district of Karnataka in the family of learned Sri Vaishnava Brahmins. Swamiji was known as H H Varadha Desikacharya in poorva Ashram. He learned the Sanskrit and Vedic education at the feet of his father Sri Thirumalai Sathyagalam Srinivasa Desikacharya.

He is a Gold Medalist for his Sanskrit Lyrics at an early age.

Graduated at Maharaja’s college , Mysore University and Sagar university and did his Master’s degree in Sanskrit at sagar University, Madhya Pradesh. Obtained faculty Gold medal.

Sanskrit studies on traditional lines in Maharaja’s Samskritha college Mysore.

Master of Different languages.

Retired as Head , Department of Sanskrit at National College Bangalore., Visiting Professor at Dravidian University.

Disciple of His Holiness Mahayogi Sri Sri Srirangamahaguru , the founder and Master of “Ashtangayoga Vijnana Mandiram with centres at Hedathale , Mysore,bangalore and Basarikatte and initiated into yoga and Bharatheeya culture at his His holy feet.

President of “Bharatha Darshana” institute which has edited and published the entire “Mahabratha”, “Ramayana”, Srimadbhagavatha and Harivamsha with translation.

Initiated into Sanyasa ashram in the year 1988 assuming the new name of of Sri Sri Rangapriya Mahadesikan”.

Now helping aspirants at Ashtangayoga Vijnana Mandiram, Hanumanth Nagar, Bangalore.

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  1. its grate loss for me, acharyan given upadesham and bharanyasam samaashrayanam in the year 1992 after i could have darshan rarely i was woked in dubai so when i come for vacation yearly once i had acharyan darshanam. But recently i could not have darshan on 29th by 9 i got information in shankara channel, immidiatly i started to hedathale but i was unsuccsussful people told their is no bus felicity in night from satelite bustand i return to home.

    Pls let me know for any service i can do for acharyan my no: 9739954482 balaji087@yahoo.com


  2. Itis a grate loss to SRIVAISHNAVAS&also to Sanskrit world.But however SRI ACHARYAS BLESSINGS will be showering forever

  3. It is a great loss not to any specific community but to the whole nation, as H.H. Rangapriya Swamiji wanted to see that every Chetana is turned towards God and lead a Godly life. He has transformed so many souls and has been instrumental in publishing many books, written many Slokas, Articles and given many discourses with a single Objective of transforming souls or pushing the souls towards God and to propagate the path of Dharma.
    He was respected by one and all, for he was beyond any boundaries and activating human beings to lead a Godly life and realize God through Sadhana or discipline living.
    He was highly knowledgeable with a gift of speaking on any Dharmic – Vedic – Vedanta topic, without hurting the feelings of anyone and respecting the Mathacharyas.
    He was an embodiment of patience and Karuna / kindness, besides being very humble, inspite of swimming always in the ocean of knowledge.
    His politeness use to get reflected, when he was welcoming the devotees visiting him [ please come, please be seated, all well ? ] for his blessings or for seeking clarifications.
    Rare to find an Acharyan of his Stature and can be concluded as “ Na Bhooto – Na Bhavishyathi “, there was not an Acharya before and there can never be an Acharya in future matching his multi-dimensional profile.
    We have lost a Gem, who was always guiding us towards god to get Mokasha.

  4. Adiyen,

    HH SriRangapriyadeshikan was my gurudev in national college during my teen years was a touch stone of knowledge and languages both spoken and written. As a wandering soul across the globe, I was not fortunate up until Aug 2003 when had a golden chance to seek His blessings through the munificence of Late Dr. NSA and my niece Sow. Sowmya Raghu. Swamiji’s devine grace was upon me and granted to bless me with Chakrankitam and Bhara Samaarpanam in the next 3 days before I left back to Canada. But for His grace the peace and harmony in my own life would have taken an awkward turn to a total ship wreck; the divine effect was so much infectious it influenced rest of my family to request Bhara Samarpanam via long distance telephone call with Swamiji while asking my dear brother Chi Keshva Bhagawan and Manni to represent us with a personal presence and attedning the function and subsequent talk with Swamiji over phone that my family members of six are blessed with our ardent request. Though I live far away across 7 oceans, there was rarely a week without Darshan of Swamiji in my Swanpnavasta though it is hard for any one to believe; in fact we had twice planned to visit Swamiji in Jan and early March,but the maaya of circumstances could not help us to fulfil our wish. But thanks to your web postings Aacharya. these pictures are permanently etched in our hearts and His teachings an eternal beacon to guide us through the rest of our daily ranga yatra.Aachaarya’s Vaikunta PraApathi as visualised by us during our nitya kainkaryams is that he has joined the Aachaarya paramparis before him in Vaikuntam who are in constant prayers to Lord NaAraAyana and Peratti along with anantha garuda vishvaksena and nitya suris. May we all praise the Aachaarya paramparais who are kind enough to lead us from ignorance to ultimate light. May we all priase SriManNaaraayana and Sri Laxmi peratti for granting us this enviable human form and best of His creations that we are today so that we had the fortune of the grace , dayaA and kaArunya of Sri RangaPriya Mahadehsikan.

    Samasta SanmangalaAni Bhavantu


  5. namaste.

    Poojya Swamiji was my sanskrit professor at National College, Basavanagudi, bangalore during 1971 and 72, i think. His classes were always looked forward to by all the students as if He was going to distribute us all sweets! Sweeter were the sanskrit lessons and it was His special way of teaching that inspired a deep love of the subject in all the students that has lasted till now.

    i had only recently heard from a friend that He had taken sanyaasa and that increased my respect for Him many folds. but i was not fortunate enough to have His darshan any time. and now this news has saddened me even more…… i am sure He will always live in the hearts of His sanskrit students as well as in the hearts of His devotees. His loving blessings will always be upon us.

    Na Guroth paramam, shishurasmi GuroH, matirasti Gurou, mama paahi Guro.

  6. A great professor of Sanskrit at National College Bengaluru. His lectures & command of Sanskrit & English was top class. I was fortunate to be his studenet at national college during 1971-73.
    Our prayers for the departed soul.

  7. Was privileged to have samparkah with Acharyan and enter Samasrayana/Bharanyasa maargah by his anugraham. Adiyen hopes Acharyan’s example will inspire ones like myself to improve their life as a prapanna and focus on seva and adhyatmika actions.

  8. Sri Rangapriya Swamys demise is a great loss to the whole Srivaishnavas, particularly in Karnataka and to rest of India in general.

    Swamy had the qualities of real yathi, who was never attracted by the material world and it’s belongings.

    Swamys sudden demise is another set back to our community.

    Even before we could recover from the grief and vac cum created by the demise of Great Acharya Sri. Poundikapuram swamy .

    We all believe strongly that both of them would have attained acharyan thiruvadi and continue to bestow blessings on the entire human kind.

    Let us pray to our Lord to bless our community with few more acharyas with similar qualities,both in lowkeeka and vaideeka whom can guide all of us in the path shown to us by the above mentioned acharyas and to go long way for coming generations.

  9. It was indeed my privilege that I studied Samskritam under late Shri Varada Desikacharya at National College. A highly spiritual soul that he was, HSV as we fondly called him, was scholarly, humble and ever so kind. He had a good sense of humor and left an indelible imprint on our young minds. Though a person steeped in orthodoxy, he was broad minded enough to deal with dissent with dignity. His command over Samskritam, Kannada and English was unquestioned. It is in this context, that I express my dissatisfaction on two counts, one major that is not easy to fix; another.
    The major mistake is to treat him and his legacy as the property of a sub-caste, caste, region or religion. I still quote him often: “guNAha pUjA sthAnam, guNIshu nacha lingam, nacha vayaha”. [Character deserves respect and it knows not any age or gender.] Let me add Guruji/Swamiji does not belong to any such narrowly defined group or place.
    Second, Guruji/Swamiji was particular about students adhering to grammar, composition and syntax. A visit to the site from where his biography has been borrowed would have horrified him. Please get assistance from someone who has a better command over English to edit the contents of the website. On both counts, you will be honoring the memory of a great man.


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