Lord Aprameya & Lord Navaneetha Krishna Temple

The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Aprameya Swamy. However it is more popular as the Navneeta Krishna temple. Aprameya swamy gives darshan in standing posture with shanku chakra in upper two hands and Gadha and padma in the lower hands. The arca moorthy of Sri Aprameya is carved out of Saligrama stone. It is believed that Sri Rama had stayed here for many years and worshipped the Lord here and hence Sri Aprameya swamy is also called Sri Ramapreya swamy.

In kshetram Mahatmiyam Kandam of Brahmanda Purana there is a description of Lord Aprameya in twelve chapters.  Mallur as per the sacred ancient records, is also referred to with many names some of them being – Dakshina Ayodhya , Chatur Veda Mangala Pura , Gnyana Mantapa Kshetram , Rajendra Simha Nagari . The Puranas mention that Lord Aprameya was worshipped by King Vijayapala in Krutha Yuga, Sage Kanva in Thretha Yuga, Sage LambhaShrava in Dwapara Yuga and Vignyaneshwara in Kali Yuga. Sage Kapila who is an amsam of Srimannarayana enlightened the common man on the Kalyana Gunams of Lord Aprameya and gave Upadeshams on attaining Mukthi. It is believed even today that the Sages Kapila and Kanva are staying here, worshipping lord Aprameya.

The temple of Lord Aprameya is an ancient one and dates back to 3,000 years but some local records say that the temple is not less than 1500 years. The temple is built in the Dravidian style as one find the beautiful Rajagopuram standing tall and strong. The sculptures from the Dasa Avataram adorn the side walls (Madal) of the Raja Gopuram. The Maha Dwaram is about 30 feet high. Opposite the Maha Dwaram is the tall Deepa Sthambam made from a single stone.

One of the unique features of the temple building is that it stands on sand and not on any solid foundation.


Ambegalu Krishna:  

This is one of the salient features seen in this temple complex – Lord Navaneeta Shrine. The arca vigraham of the Thavazrar/ambegal (crawling) Krishna made of black stone, is one of the master pieces seen else where. It is believed that sage Vyasa installed the statue of Lord Navaneeta in the temple, which is adorned with several ornaments (all carved in the stone) – like the anklets, the waist band, amulets and chains. The archa vigraham in the form of crawling Krishna, holding butter in His right hand, sits on a Garuda Peetham. There is a pendant of tiger claws that is prominent among all the jewellery. Priests say that the Lord wears it to avoid bad eyes from his many devotees ogling at his boundless beauty.


Legends say that about 130 years ago, the then Maharaja of Mysore came to have the darshan of Lord Aprameya, Aravindavalli and Krishna at Malur. He was so attracted to the lovely vigraham of Lord Krishna that he took it to his palace. The same night he had a dream in which Lord Krishna ordered him to return the arca vigraham to the temple at Doddamallur, failing which great harm would befall on him. The Raja did not obey the words of the Lord and as a result, a part of his palace was consumed by fire. Then the Raja was forced to restore the arca vigraham back at the temple.

Facing the Rajagopuram is the Purandaradasa Mantapam, a tribute to the composer of the famous krithi Jagadoddharana Adisidalu Yashoda . It is said that Purandaradasa composed his popular song – “Jagadoddharana Aadisidalu Yashode…” after seeing the beauty of Lord Navaneeta in the temple. No doubt the beauty of the lord can enchant anyone and instigate the love for the Lord in everyone s heart.

Lord Navaneeta temple has several silver and wooden cradles offered to the Lord by devotees desirous of getting a child.  This ancient and beautiful temple is said to have witnessed several miracles. Worshipping Lord Navaneetha Krishna here is supposed to mitigate ‘Putra Dosha’ (pervious karma it affects the Putra suka) and ‘ Sayana Dosha’ (no vitality due to physical health affecting the conception).

Punya Theerthams in and around the temple: To the East of this place flows the Nirmala River. It is also known as Kanva Nadhi as Sage Kanva performed Poojas and Homams on its banks. It is believed that a person who takes a dip in its holy waters will be rid of his Panchamahapāthakas. This river also wields the power to cure stomach ailments.

To the South east is Shambhu Theertham.

The Well in the Northwestern corner of the temple carries water that is pure as Sphatika and tastes very sweet. The same water is used for the Lord’s Thirumajanam, Thirtha Prasadam and naivedyam.

Quick Facts :

Perumal : Sri Ramapreya Swamy

Thayar:  Aravindhavalli Thayar

Other sannidhis :  Navaneetha Krishnar

Vaikuntanatha swami
Swami Ramanujar
Vedantha Desika
Pillai Lokacharya
Manavala Mamuni

Timings : 8 am to 12.30 am and 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Route : The temple is about 60 kms from Bangalore on the Bangalore Mysore highway. There is a big arch on the left side of the highway while coming from Bangalore after Channapatna leading to the temple. Most of the trains on the Bangalore – Mysore section stop at Channapatna. The temple can be reached by taking an auto from there. By road, doddamallur temple is located on the Bangalore – Mysore highway just 3 kms from Channapatna bus stand.

Contact : Sri Embar Venu (Chairman of Temple appointed by Government), Dodda Mallur, Channapatna Taluk, Bangalore District, Pin :571501, Ph 080 – 27200015 or mobile : 9448077348 , Sri Radhakrishna Bhattar: 080 – 27200030 or Mobile : 9448058057.

Thanks to Shri Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar and, for photos and content

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