Adaikkalappathu – 8


Here, the conductance of one’s life in the post-prapatthi period is described by our paramaachaaryaa, Swami Desikan.


adiyEn repeatedly reflects on the meaning of the Lord’s charama slOkam and the assurances given by Him there to the one, who has performed prapatthi. adiyEn reminds myself that as a Prapannan, that I must have unshakable faith in the assured fruits of my prapatthi. adiyEn prays for the further enhancement of my bhakthi and Jnaanam. adiyEn shall never forget my utter servitude to You and You alone. I shall stay in a happy and tranquil mood with the knowledge of the essence of the rahasyaarthaas. adiyEn will bear my days on the earth without agitation over the delay in realizing moksham. adiyEn will forget the sorrows of Samsaaram that is inevitable during the days on this earth after performing my prapatthi at Your Sacred Feet. This would be the way, adiyEn will spend my post-prapatthi life.


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