Boopathy festival, Thiruvarangam, January 29 to February 8, 2012



The Boopathy festival (Thai masam Brahmotsavam) which is celebrated for 11 days at Thiruvarangam, commenced on January 29, 2012.

During the Brahmotsavam the Lord, Rajadhiraja, the King of Kings himself goes out to meet his subjects, enquire about their welfare and shower His blessings on them. Every day morning and evening, He moves through the Uthara streets with his Ubhaya Nachiyars, meeting his subjects and making sure all are happy and peaceful.

Day 1, Brahmothsavam Boopathy Thirunaal

Today, January 29th, is the first day of the ten day long festival. The day starts with Dwajarohanam. Namperumal starts from sanctum sanctorum and reaches near the Dwajasthambam, the flag mast(Koadee padam), arriving at the Dwajarohana Mandapam at around 3.00 am. The flag, Dwaja is adorned by the Peria Thiruvadi, Sri Garudalwar. The Dwajarohanam takes place from 4.45 am Dhanur laganam to 5.00 am. It is witnessed by Azhagiya Manavalan. The Archakar- priests- performing the festival have raksha bandhanam for 10 days. During this period the Lord stays in the Kannadi Mandapam- Room of Mirrors- only.

After Dwajarohanam, Nam Perumal reaches kannadi mandapam at 8:00 am. The public darshan of the Lord with Sridevi and Bhoodevi is till 4:30 pm. Beridhadanam is done from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Thereafter the Purappadu , procession, starts. The Lord goes through the Utthra streets (6th prakaram) arriving at Chandana Mandapam near the sanctum sanctoram at 8:00pm. One may see the our Azagiyamanavalaninin Thiru mugham Рhe looks very happy to see our all the people in Utthra streets peoples .

From there He leaves for Yaga Salai where the perform the Pancha Kunda Homa, after which Thirumanjanam starts. The Lord goes to the Kannadi Mandapam at 12:30 am. Ubayanachiyars proceed to their Moola sthanam (Sanctum Sanctoram).

Day 2, Brahmothsavam Boopathy Thirunaal

In the morning of Day 2, before the sunrise (Arunodhayam), our Azagiya manavalan strolls through sriangamUtthra street in Surya Prabhai. When he strolled through the streets of srirangam Aadityan (Sun) reduced the intensity of the sun rays so that our Azagiya manavaalan is not preturbed with the heat and the brightness. On the seventh day morning the Lord Sri Ranganathan is taken out in procession with Sun God driving the Chariot. Purusha Sooktha describes Sun as born from the eyes of Lord SrimanNarayana (Chaksho! Suryo Ajayathah!). Sun is said to be an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu (Surya Narayana) To bring prosperity and brightness to our life please pray and seek blessings to the attached picture our Namperumal (whom we consider as our baby) in the Surya Prabhai

In the evening of the eventful Second day at Thiruvarangam Namperumal on the Hamsha vahanam strolls through the Utthara streets.

Hamsa refers to Swan, and the swan means beauty and purity, Hamsa is Devaloka Pakshi (bird) and is a vahanam for the Chaturveda murthi (Bramha). “Hamsam is considered to be Gnana swaroopam (which means the representation of knowledge), and of several Gayatri mantra’s one imporant gayatri mantra is Hamsa gayatri chanting this Hamsa gayatri is considered to be sacred and it is considered to brings us wealth of knowledge. Hamsa is considered to be a sacred and a holy bird which is capable of separating milk from the mixture of milk and water and Praying to our Namperumal in the Hamsa vahanam will make our heart pure and clean so that we are devoid of all the unwanted thoughts.

Written by Sri Narasimha Bhattar Swami

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