Thiruppallaandu – 8

nAgap pagai kodiyAn
nAgap pagai kodiyAn



In this Paasuram, AzhwAr acknowledges the union of the erstwhile IswaryArtthees (ANDAdhipathis) in his ghOshti following his invitation for them to join and sing pallANDu to the Lord (these aahUthars become now sangathars).

ANDAthipathis now reflect on their good fortune and say: “As ANDAdhipathis, it is customaryfor us to be steeped in the enjoyment of sukha bhOgams. These sukha bhOgams are: (1)enjoying annam surrounded by ghee, (2) the servant clan that executes our commands, (3) theservants with betel and nuts on their hands for our sukha anubhavam, (4) the aabharaNams forour neck, KuNDalams for our ears and fragrant sandal paste to besmear on our bodies.All of these Iswaryams were blessed to us by the Lord, who made us the rulers of the differentANDams. We stayed enjoying these Iswaryams and had the mind set that such bhOgams alonewere sufficient. Thanks to any sukrutha visEsham ( good fortune ) we had, BhagavAn made usloose this attitude of being stuck in the mire of bhOgams and created svaroopa Jn~Anam in usand lifted us out of SamsAram and blessed us to become the equivalents of His nithya Sooris (eternally liberated Jeevans). That BhagavAn rests on AdhisEshanas Anantha Sayanan. He has Garudan in His flag who is the enemy of the hooded serpents. Let us now recite PallANDu to our Lord, who has blessed us in so many ways! Thus the former IswaryArthees sing PallANDu for the eternal auspiciousness (Nithya SrI) of the union of the Lord with AdhisEshan and Garudan.


Now that ANDakkula IswaryArthees have responded positively to his invitation to join his ghOshti, AzhwAr unites them with his ghOshti in recognition of their rejection of kshudhra purushArTams (seeking saadharaNa Iswaryams that have time limit). AzhwAr recognizes their transformation from mere bhOgis to suddhAthmAs and encourages them to sing PallANDu to the Lord. They have become Mumukshus (desirous of Moksham) and join the assembly of Nithya Sooris instead of staying as nithya samsAris.


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