Thiruppallaandu – 4

namO nArAyaNA - ThiruninRavUr Bhakthavatsalan



“aTa KaivalyArTitha:aahvayathi” (Now AzhwAr invites those who desire Kaivalyam as their ultimate PurushArTam. Kaivalyam is the sukham of visualization through meditation of the Jeevan inside the heart cavity than the ParamAthmA dwelling inside that Jeevan).


“yEdu nilatthil iduvathan munnam vanthengaL kuzhAm puhunthu”

“sTUla sareerasya bhUpAthanAth poorvam,
saadharam aagathya asmadheeya samaajEantha:pravisya”

Oh dear KaivalyArtthees! Before Your physical body falls down on this earth and becomes part of Moola Prakruthi, hurry here and join our group for your ujjeevanam. yEdu nilam means inauspicious land (pollA nilam), the land where one arrives, when one is dead (smasAnam). It is where the dEham is burnt into ashes and returned to Pancha bhUthams. Oh! Kaivalyam seekers! Please come before your body is placed in the pollA nilam. It will be too late then. Join us when you are still alive to gain the Supreme goal of life (Moksha siddhi).


Koodum manamudayeerhaL varam pozhi-vanthollai kooduminO

“asmAbhi:sahathulyA:bhavithum abhiprayanthOyooyam paryApthaprayOjana–
parathAm vihAya parama purushArTa preethyA aagathya thvarayA sangacchatha”

Oh! People focusing on the incomplete Kaivalya PurushArTam! If you wish to become like us focused on the Parama PurushArTam of Moksham, please come and join us speedily.


Naadu naharamum nankaRiya NamONaarAyaNA yenRu
avisEshaj~nA:visEshaj~nAsccha maTAsamyagg-jAnanathi taTA
tandhikAraanuroopamaa praNAlikayA ashtAksharam.

The sophisticated ones (naharam/visEshaj~nar/Brahmavith) and the country bumpkins (Naadu/avisEshaj~nar/abrahmavith) should both be inspired to sing and meditate on the profound meanings of AshtAksharam through our joint singing.


Paadu(m)manamudaip-pattharuLLeer vanthu PallANDu kooruminE

Oh! KaivalyArTees! You should abandon the limited goals that you have set for yourselves and hurry up and join our ghOshti. You must have two requirements filled before you join our group:

1. SvAthma RakshA bhara SamarpaNam (Performance of SaraNAgathy and leaving the burden of your protection to the Lord ) and
2. a mindset to hail PallANDu to the Lord.

Through meditation on the AshtAksharam and its many esoteric meanings, you would become conversant with the Tathva Thrayam and would be propelled to perform SaraNAgathy at the sacred feet of the Lord. This would set an example to the sophisticated (naharatthAr) and the unsophisticated (naattAr) to emulate you to become paramaikAnthis. You will be filled with prEmai to sing PallANDu to Him and will attain Satthu. Please come and join us and sing
PallANDu to the Lord and perform SaraNAgathy.

Periya ParakAla Muni’s commentaries have been blended with Upanishad BhAshyakArar’s in
the above passages.


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