Thirukkudanthi Sri rama Temple


Moolavar : Rajaraman in Pattabishega Thirukkolam

Uthsavar : Kothandaraman

Location : South end of Kumbakonam Bazaar street

Specials :

1. This sthalam is also called Dakshina Ayothi

2. Sri Raman along with Seetha Piratti,Baradan,Chatruknan and Hanuman in Pattabishega Thirukkolam

3. Chithira Ramayanam Painted in inner Praharam. If you do 3 Pradakshinam you can read the whole story of Ramayanam.

4. Artistically designed front Mandap. Eye catching stone sculptures.

5. Hanuman is in sitting posture having Veena in one hand and Ramayana book on the other

The temple town of Kumbakonam is the abode of several deities each unique and distinct. The temple of Lord Rama situated in the centre of the town is a connoisseurs’ delight. The temple is replete with puranic lore. King Raghunayak ruled Tanjore from 1614-1640. He was an ardent devotee of Rama . His lieutenant Govinda Dikshitar called Govinda Ayyan was also devout and looked after the temple works.

King Raghunayak dug a holy tank in Darasuram near Kumbakonam . while the work was in progress they found icons of Rama and Sita in the tank. The King’s joy knew no bounds. Thus he built a temple for Rama and called it Ramaswamy temple. This temple is unique as Rama and Sita are in a Pattabishekam posture-Coronation scene Rama and Sita are surrounded by lakshmana, shatrugna, Bharatha and the ever obedient Hanuman with Veena in one hand and the holy book of Ramayana ( I don’t think Ramayanam was written at the time of Pattabishekam) in the other hand in a sitting posture. This coronation scene attracts people from far off places who are awe struck at the divine sight of the celestial confluence.

The Ramaswamy Temple which depicts the paintings of Ramayanam is another important Vaishanavite temple in Kumbakonam. The greatness of Ramasamy Temple is said to be the only temple where Rama, Sita are in the same platform and also that Hanumar instead of reading the Ramayana is playing the Veena. The entire deity is said to be made from Saligrama Monolith which is truly astounding. Morever the Temple is filled with such intricate carvings in all its pillars that even great Bharatanatyam dancers come here to see the Mudras.

A separate sanctum sanctorum is dedicated to Srinivasa with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi. There are separate shrines for Azhwars and acharyas. The temple looks majestic with a mammoth Gopuram which seem to beckon the devotees to propitiate the lord inside. There is a sprawling Mantapam which is a treasure trove of sculptures. The temple has well preserved paintings of Ramayanam. In the Mahamandapa there are several pillars on which are sculptures depicting the “Ramayana”. The carvings are sharp, and at the same time, they exude devotion. On the walls around the Prakara the “Ramayana” is again told, this time in murals. These have been often restored and renovated.

Important Uthsavams:

Chithrai – Akshaya Thirudiyai – 12 Garuda Sevai

Gokulashtami next day Uriyadi

Avani – Punarvasu – Thirukkalyana Uthsavam, Pavithrothsavam 7 days,Navarathri Uthsavam

10 days,Vaikuntha Ekadasi

Margazhi – 10 days Oonjal Uthsavam

Thai 1PstP Sankaranthi Theerthavari, 2PndP Kanu Thayaar Uthsavam

Panguni – 10 days Sri Ramanavami Uthsavam, 9th day Thiruther, 11th day Vidayatri

Uthsavam – Raja Upachara Thirumanjanam and Pushpa Pallakku by Sri Rama Seva Samajam

Contact Details : Soundarraja Bhattachariar Mobile : 94863 10896

Sudarshana Bhattachariar Mobile : 97906 22197

Near Sri Ramaswamy Temple Srimad Andavan Ashramam is there.


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