Pagal Pathu 6th day – Azhagiya Manavalan-Namperumal, Srirangam


On the 6th day of Pagal Pathu utthsavam in Margazhi celebrations at Sri Rangam, the lord started early in the mornig to Arjuna Mandapam, after which Arayar sevai was performed. The day’s recital is about Madhurakavi Azhwar’s “kanninunsiruthambu”

kanninun siruththambinal kattunnap
panniya perumayan ennappanil
nannith thenkurugUr nambi enrakkal
annikkum amudhurum en navukke

kanninun siruthAmbu has a special place in SriVaishnavaism, as it was instrumental in getting back Naalaayira Divya Prabandham. All the works of the Azhvars (who lived between 3000 – 2500 BCE) were lost. It was Nathamuni Aazhwar who got back the Naalaayira divya prabhandam by reciting Kanninun Siruthambu twelve thousand times, at the feet of Nammazhvar.

kanninun siruthambu – Yasoda , vexed by Sri Krishnaa’s prnaks, tied him with a flimsy rope. The Lord who measured the entire universe with two steps, allowed himself to be tied this way out of love for Yasoda. Aftyer all He is thye Bhaktha vatsalan.

Madhurakavi Azhvar goes on to say that the very utterance of the name of Nammazhvar brings boundless joy to his heart and creates the feeling of drinking the divine nectar (amrita) in his tongue.

Madhurakavi Azhvar has declared that he knows no God other than Nammazhvar. It is believed that for an Adiyar even the Bhagavat Bhakti is to please the Acharya and he should surrender unto the Lord only through an Acharya.

The other pasuram recital is Thirumangai Azhwar’s Vadinen vadi varundhinen..

Vadinen vadi varundhinen manatthaal/
perun thuyaridum idumbaiyil piranndhu/
koodinen koodi iLaiyavar thammodu/
avar tharum kalaviye karudhi/
Odinen Odi uyvadhor poruLaal/
unarvenum perumpadhan therindhu/
naadinen nadi nadi nan kandukonden/
Narayana vennum namam.

Meaning- Being born into this body, a reservoir of profound sorrow, I am repenting, melting and crying, I am filled with pathos and self-pity;I have let myself run after beautiful women, seeking the sensual pleasures from their union; Through the grace of our Lord I have now released that there is a greater goal and That will deliver me into eternal happiness; I have been searching for this state and have now found it in THE SWEET NAME NARAYANA. A beautiful point to note here is that though Aazhwar repents his indulgence in beautiful woman, this was also His wish.

Because, only Aazhwar’s deep attraction for Kumudavalli Nachiyar made him accept her father’s two conditions

Her husband should be a (or become a) Sri vaishNavA, wear ThirumaNkAppu on his forehead, and be a true bhaktA of Sriman NarayaNan. (Sriman Narayanan Himself spoke through her) and
Her husband should feed daily 1000 (ONE THOUSAND!) vaishNava bhakthALs.

Thus it clear that it was His wish that Aazhwar should fall in love with Kumudavalli Nachiyar so that he would accept these conditions and do bhagavath kainkarya as per His wish.

nAn kandukonden nArayana vennum namam – It was the lord himself who chanted “Om Namo Narayana” in Aazhwar’s ears when Aazhwar was trying to rob Him who appeared in the guise of a traveller, in order to collect money for his annadaaana as stipulated by Kumaudavalli Nachiyar’s father.

While worshiping perumal at Sri Rangaam, one must keep in mind that Periya Perumal represent Sri Krishna Avataram and Namperumal represents Sri Rama avataram. The scar caused on Krishna’s waist when mother Yashoda tried to tie HIM up can still be seen on Periya perumal’s waist!! Lord Sri Ranganatha not only purifies our hearts but also our sins are absolved!

After this, our Azagiya manavalan then returned back to his moolasthanam. Our Azhagiya Manavalan’s woyara nadai where HE does HIS routine rhythmic movement, like dancing to the tunes of aayar swamys’ recitals and their rythm (as described before about HIS “Voiyyara Nadai”) makes our devotion and ecstasy grow even more.

Lord Ranganatha enjoys Tirumozhi, Tiruvaimozhi and all other Divya Prabandhams by Azhwars during this 20 day long celebration at Sri Rangam.

Source: Writeup from Narasimha Bhattar


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