PLACE: Thirupullani
BASE TOWN: Madurai
DISTANCE: 120 km
MOOLAVAR: Kalayana Jagannathan
UTHSAVAR: Aadi Jagannathan
THAYAR: Kalyanavalli, Padmasani
PRATYAKSHAM: Pullaranya Maharishi
THEERTHAM:Hema Theertham, Rathnagara Samudram
VIMANAM: Kalyana Vimanam
NAMAVALI: Sri Kalyanavalli, Sri Padmasani nayiga sameda Sri Kalyana Jagannatha parabramane namaha

Sthlapuranam :
In Ramayana, Ravana, took away sita and captured her as a prisoner in Lanka. Sri Ramar, on hearing the action performed by Ravana, had to take proper and immediate action to get out Sitapiratti from Ravana. But, Ravana’s brother Vibheeshanan who lived along with him doesn’t liked the low act of Ravan and advised him to return Sitapiratti to Sri Rama, else the whole Lanka might get into danger. On hearing the advise from Vibheeshanan, Ravana got angry on him and asked him to get out of Lanka and join along with Sri Rama. Vibheeshanan came out from Lanka and fell down to the divine feet of Sri Rama and explained him that Sita Piratti is kept as the prisoner in Lanka. Since, Vibheeshanan finally fell down to the feet of Sri Ramar for complete Saranagathi, this sthalam is also named as “Saranagathi” Kshetram.

Sri Ramar, stayed along with Sugreev, Hanuman, Vibeeshanan and other Vanara senais and discussed with all of them that how to get out Sita piratti from Lanka. He stayed in this Pullani sthalam and did tapas in Sayana Kolam on Dharbaipull (the grass) for sevan days without eating anything. Since because of doing tapas on the grass and showed his sayana kolam in the pull (grass), this sthalam is called “Thiruppullani”. Pull means the grass and the Anai means the bed and since SriRamar showed his sayana kolam in Pullani, this sthalam is called as “Pullani”. Sri Ramar worshipped the Aadhi Jagannatha perumal and prayed him to help him out to get Sita piratti. As satisfied by the worship of Sri Ramar, Aadhi Jagannatha perumal gave him the Bow and because of this, the perumal is also named as “Deivasilaiyar” and Divya Sapan.

Thiruppullani is located near Sethu Samudhram shore (Sethu Karai). Sri Ramar could not know how to cross the huge ocean and got the advise from Vibheeshana that they can cross the ocean only if all the water dries. He advised Sri Ramer that he can ask the Samudhara Raja to get dried and can make them the way towards the Lanka. On getting the advise from Vibheeshana, Sri Ramar seeked the help of the Samudhara Rajan. But he doesnt show any response for Sri Ramar. Sri Ramar worshipped before the Samudhara Rajan to make the way, but since there was not response from him, Sri Ramar got angry and threatened against samudhara Rajan that if he doesnt make them the way, he would make the ocean dry completely. On hearing the threatened words from Sri Ramar, Samudhara Raja was frightened and came out from the ocean along with his wife Varuni and fell down on the feet of Sri Ramar as Saranagathi. Inspite of Vibheeshanan got the saranagathi, samudhara Rajan and his wife Varuni also got the saranagathi and thereby justifies that this Kshetram is given the name as “Saranagathi Kshetram”.

After this, the Samudhara Rajan made the ocean to become quite and asked Sri Ramar to build a bridge, so that they can travel through it to reach Lanka. As advised by Varunan, Nalan and all the other Monkeys (Vanara Senai) started to build a bridge and this bridge is called as “Sethu Anai”, since this is constructed along the Sethu Karai (Shore). And finally crossing through this bride to Lanka, Sri Ramar fought with Ravana and killed him and got out Sita Piratti.

Kanva rishi, Who was Maha rishi stayed in this sthalam and did a strong tapas against the perumal without having any food. On satisfied with the tapas of Kalvar Rishi, Emperumaan gave his seva and asked for the Varam that he should be always along with him and continue to help him. The perumal agreed his words and continued to help him.

Once there lived a rishi by named Devala Maharishi and did a strong tapas on the perumal. He started his tapas after taking the bath and started the tapas. When he was doing the tapas, seven deva Kanyas came down to this sthalam and wanted to take a bath in the small river. They enjoyed that moment and all of them forgot themselves. Their enjoyment made them to forget them to give the proper respect to Devalar Maharishi and on seeing this act of the Sapta deva Kanyas, he gave them the sabham of all of them to become Yatchars (ordinary humans with less minded). On getting the sabham, allthe 7 deva Kayas felt for it and realised their mistake and asked Devalar Maharishi that how could they get out from the curse. Devalar Maharishi asked them to get to Pullaranyam (Thriuppullani) and get the help from pullar Maharishi, so that he can help them to get out of the Sabham.

All the sevan deva Kanyas reached Thiruppullani fell down to the feet of pullar Maharishi. They all told him about the sabham got from Devalar Maharishi and he had advised all of them to get the help of pullar Maharishi to get out of the curse. Pullar Maharishi advised all the 7 Kanyas to stay in Thiruppullani and worship the Aadhi Jagannatha perumal and he is the only person who can make them to get out of the sabham. When Sri Ramar came to this pullaranya kshetram, his eyes glanced on all the 7 deva kanyas and at that moment all of them were out of the sabham and once again reached the deva lokam.

In this sthalam, Sri Ramar is found in Tapas Kolam in Dharbha Sayanam. Generally, the Emperumaan is found on Aadhiseshan as the bed, but here in thsi sthalam, he is found on the pullanai and Lakshmana, who is the hamsam of Aadhiseshan is found along with Sri Ramar and helping him. The utsavar is kothanda Ramar and is seen along with Sita piratti, Lakshman and Hanuman. On the south side of Artha mandapam, is seen a separate sculpture of Vibheeshanan. A separate sannadhi for pattabbi Ramar is also found. Pattabisheka Ramar is the thriukkolam of Sri Ramar while he was given the throne to take over Ayodhya as the king along with Sita piratti, Lakshmana and Bharatha and Sathrukkanan. This sannadhi is found in front of dharba sayana Rama sannadhi.

This is a separate sannadhi for Sandhana Gopalan, which is found on the north of Dharbha sayana Ramar sannadhi, and the Mandapam is called as “Sandhana Gopala Mandapam”. In this sannadhi, Sri Krishnar is found as a small child on Aadhisesha. It is believed that on worshipping this perumal can get the pragnancy. The perumal is daily fed with Milk Paayasam as the “Naivedhyam” in the night. It is said that all the pilgrimates travel towards Rameswaram, have to worship this Thiruppullani Aadhi Jagannathan. On the west side of Moolavar sannadhi, there is a big Banyan tree is found and beneath that is found a lots of Siva Lingam. It is said that people can get the pregnancy by dedicating the Siva Lingam beneath the tree.

Moolavar and Thaayar:
The moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Kalyana Jagannathan. He is found in Nindra thirukkolam facing along the East direction. Prathyaksham for Ashwantha Narayanan, Pullaranya Rishi, and Samuthira Rajan, Devalar Muni and Kanva Maharishi.

Thaayar: There are two thaayars found in this sthalam. Kalyana valli is one of the thaayar and another one is Padmasini thaayar.

Thirumangaialwar – 21 Paasurams.

Hema theertham.
Chakkara theertham.
Rathnakara samuthiram.

Sthala Viruksham: (Tree)
The sthala viruksham (tree) of this kshetram is Asrattham (Arasa maram in Tamil) tree. There is a big pipal tree is on the west side of the Moolavar Sannadhi.

Kalyana Vimaanam.

A Special note on this Diving Kshetram:
It is said that any Homam or Havan known as Sacrifice performed with Agni in this spot has 100 times higher value than performing elsewhere. The Shanthi Parihara Homam for Childless, Curse, persons’ failed karma after accidental, suicidal or unnatural death etc. can be done in Tiruppullani to weed off the sins.

Festivals :
Panguni Bramothsavam for Aadhi Jagannathar
Chitrai Bramothsavam for Sri Ramar

Temple Timings:

7.00 am to 12.00 am
4.00 pm to 08.00 pm

Address :
Arulmigu Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal Thirukkoil
Thiruppullani – 623532
Ramanathapuram District
Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 04567 – 254527

Location :

We can reach this sthalam by getting down in Ramanathapuram railway station and take a bus to reach Thiruppullani. But there is not much of lodging facilities available.
Srimad Andavan Ashramam, Sri Ahobila Madam, Vanamaamalai Mutt available10 kms from Ramanathapuram

Nearest Railway Station: Ramanathapuram
Nearest Airport: Madurai
Hotels at Ramanathapuram : There are good hotels at Ramanathapuram


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