Swami NamAzvar foundation 12th Anniversary function


Swami Nam Azvar foundation 12th Anniversary funciton was celebrated at Sringeri mutt pravchana mandrham , Mandaveli at 6.15 pm on 16.12.2011
Sri Embar jeeyar swami graced the occasion. Sri Srirama Sharma-Ariayar Swami , TiruNarayaNapuram, Sri Gopala Desikan swami, TiruviNNagaram and Sri Salem Satakopa Ramanujam swami were all felcicitated.
A shawl , a golden dollar and Rs 10 k was given to them as a token honour for their lifelong services rendered on their own fileds. Sri Srirama Sharma, is a versataile linguist in kannada, sanksrit and tamil. He performs araiyar kainkaryam to Sri Selvapillai.  Sri Gopala Desikan with His both lowkeeka and vaideeka knowledge has penned many books in lucid style and has great following and is doing a great service.  Sri Satakopa ramanuaja dasar swami – sustains SrivaishNavism in and around Salem .  The function was graced by Sri Gomatam Sampathkumar swami ( who is going to give Tiruppavai upnayasam for the next one month at the same venue), Dr MA Venkatarishnan swami,  MS Thilakavathi IPS , Justice Somasundaram, Akkarakkani Srinidhi swami . Sri PT Seshadri swami presented us with a melodious guruparampara song.  Sri KEB Rengarajan gave the introductory address. DR MAV Swami introduced Sri Srirama Sharama, while MS Thilakavathi explained the greatness of Sri Gopla Desikan swami. Justice Somasundaram introduced Sri Satakopa Ramanuja swami.

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  1. We are extremely grateful for all the efforts put by all of you. May HH and the Lord always shower their blessings on you, and help you to continue your efforts.This is something wonderful happening to us.


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