Azhagiya Singars meet Srimad Andavan


HH 45th and 46th Azhagiyasingars of Ahobila Mutt wished to pay respects to H.H. Srimad Andavan this morning at Alwarpet Ashramam, as they were camping in the nearby Mylapore and to enquire about HH Srimad Andavan’s health. Both of Them were received with full Ashramam mariyaadais and were closetted with H.H. Srimad Andavan and enquired about Their health issues mutually. This must have been a half an hour meeting. More details are awaited. Every one of us must be feeling happy of such a meeting among Holinesses after a long time. Also this must be the first ever meeting of Chinna Azhagiyasinger with Srimath Andavan, after His Sweekaaram to Ahobila Mutt. Earlier this week His Holiness Srimath Andavan had some health problems and had been hospitalised in Chennai Apollo. After a few day’s treatment he is back in Ashramam and for the past few day.


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  1. Shri ramanujaya namaha
    Shri nigamantha mahadesikaya namaha
    Adyen dasan

    This is a good site with a lot of latest events in the shri vaishnava community. A very good portal some thing that i was looking for. With all the purvacharyas and prakrurtam acharyas blessings i wish the best to this initiative and wish that it grows exponentially in content and usage

    adyen dasan


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