Lunar Eclipse and Karthika Parva Deepothsavam in Tirumala Dec 10

The hill temple of Lord Venkateswara will remain closed for more than ten and half hours on December 10 in connection with the lunar eclipse.
According to the temple authorities, the temple, which will be closed at 12 noon will be re-opened only at 10:30 PM. Soon after the conclusion of the eclipse the temple priests will observe the traditional maha suddhi inside the temple prakarams and perform Punya vachanam ritual followed by the night thomala seva and night archan, night thomala bell. After this the annual karthika parva deepothsavam will be performed. 600 Ghee deepams are lit in earthern pots and punyavachanam, Avahana is performed for this lamps. These lamps are placed at several important places around the temple comples including the Vimana Venkateswara, Varaha Swami shrine, Swami Pushkarini and Bedi Anjaneya Swami temple by the night kainkaryaparudu. The Tiruveesam bell will follow the ritual and the common pilgrims are allowed for the darshan of the presiding deity.
Rituals cancelled

In connection with the eclipse, the temple management has cancelled all the daytime rituals like kalyanothsavam, Dolothsavam, Arjitha Brahmothsavam, Arjitha Vasanthothsavam, Sahasra Deealankarana seva being performed inside the temple. However the pilgrims will be allowed for darshan of the Lord from 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM in the morning andlater for a couple of hours in the night.
The first picture (file photo) above shows, the temple keys named ‘Kuncha kola’ is bing caried by the night kainkaryapara, along with other archakas. Out of three keys of the temple, one will be with Srivari Archakas, second one will be with Pedda Jeeyangar Swami and the third will be with the TTD officials. The second and third keys are kept inside a wooden box and htis box will be placed at Pedd Jeeyangari Matam, outside the temple, near Bedi Anjaneya Swami temple. It will be carried to temple everyday by the Sannidhi Golla, after the archakas reach the temple guarded by Sannidhi Golla (cowherd).  The second picture show Sannidhi Golla carrying the wooden box. along with Jeeyangari Supervisor, Pedda Jeeyar Mutt, after closing bangaru Vakili (golden front yard leading to the temple sanctum).
Lunar eclipse is going to begin at IST 17:03:36 (UT 11:33:36) the end of the Penumbra phase of the eclipse at IST 22:59:57. At Tirumala, the Chandra grahanam timings are 6:20 PM to 9:40 PM. It will be occuring in Mesha/aries sign and in Bharani Star.
Accordin to the usage and custom of the Tirumala shrine, the temple will be closed before 2& 1/2 yamas (1 yama ~= 2:30 Hrs) and as such the temple will be closed accordingly.
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