Kadalai Paruppu – Half tumbler (Chana Dal / Bengal gram)
Paasi paruupu –  Half tumbler (Green Gram / Payatham Paruppu)
Jaggery – 2 tumblers (Vellam)

Preparation Method:

Part 1:
1. Soak kadalai paruppu + paasi paruppu in water for an hour.
2. Grind it so that it becomes a coarse mixture.
3. Cook it (i.e. using cooker).
4. If there are any big chunks in the cooked mixture, then make them into small pieces.

Part 2:
1. Take the jaggery (crushed into powder) in a vessel.
2. Pour little water in it.
3. Keep it in stove & heat it. While heating it, keep stirring it till it turns into a semi-solid state. Do not allow it to become dark brown in color. It should be light brown in color only.
4. When it becomes semi-solid, just stop heating and transfer it to another vessel & leave the mixture that is at the bottom (or lower layer) of the vessel, because that would contain small stones, etc which were in the jaggery (i.e. adulterants).

Part 3:
Step 1: Mix the outcome of part 1 & part 2.
Step 2: Heat it for a while till they get mixed well.
Step 3: After heating it for few minutes, stop heating it. Now add little, elakkai seeds (cardamom), pachai karpooram.
Step 4: Optionally, you can also add cashew nuts (roasted in ghee) & grated coconut

The finals! Mix the outcome of part 1 & part 2 together & there you go!! The tasty okkarai’s ready!

Source: www.trsiyengar.com

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