Godhumai Payasam (Broken Wheat Payasam)


24 February 2022, Plava varusha, Masi-12, Thursday ;

Godhumai Payasam (Broken Wheat Payasam)

Cracked wheat is made by cutting or crushing whole raw wheat berries (kernels) into small pieces. Because it contains wheat bran and wheat germ, cracked wheat is an excellent source of fibre.

This is one of the traditional Kerala Specialty. This is an easy and healthy sweet dish. Easy to make and a real treat for your taste buds!.

Broken Wheat                 1 cup

Water                             3 cup

Milk                               1 cup

Medium coconut milk        1 cup

Thick coconut milk            1 cup

Jaggery (powdered)          2 cup

Dry ginger powder             1/2tsp.

Ghee                              2tbsp.

Crushed Cardamom            2tbsp.

Cashewnuts                       1tbsp.

Coconut pieces                   1tbsp.


# Wash the broken wheat thoroughly for 4-5 times.

# Pressure cook the cleaned broken wheat with 3 cups of water & 1 cup of milk.

# It should be cooked it on six whistles on medium heat. Allow it to cool. The wheat should be thoroughly cooked and almost mashed.

# Meanwhile melt the jaggery with ½ cup water. Keep on stirring continuously until the jaggery has melted. Strain the melted jaggery.

# Combine the melted jaggery & cooked wheat.

# Add 1 tbsp. of ghee, crushed cardamoms & dry ginger powder to this.

# Cook this mixture till it reaches a thick consistency.

# Add medium thick coconut milk to this & combine well. Let it boil.

# When it attains a thick consistency, add thick coconut milk. Give a good stir & mix well.

# Let it cook for 5 more minutes on low flame & remove from fire.

# Roast cashews & coconut pieces in ghee and add it to the Payasam.

# Serve warm. 


# Before adding melted jaggery to wheat, make sure that wheat is cooked well. 

# Milkwater can be increased and decreased used in this recipe for a better taste.

# Payasam tends to thicken as it cools down. If so dilute it with warm coconut milk or milk.

# You can use coconut milk powder mixed with warm water.

  General guidelines for healthier food – Both body and mind:

  • One should be thinking about Perumal (Nama Smaranam) while cooking, and the purpose should be to offer the preparation to Him.
  • Once the food is prepared, it should be offered to Perumal first. While offering, one should make sure that the food is neither too hot nor cold. It should be offered with love and affection.
  • Please do not offer either pre-cooked food bought from outside or any pre-consumed food.
  • Please follow thiruvaradanam kramam as instructed by your respective acharya. (http://anudinam.org/2012/03/08/bhagavad-tiruvaradhanam/)
  • Follow ahara niyamam as much as possible. Atleast make sure that onion and garlic are not used at all.(http://anudinam.org/2012/06/11/srivaishnava-ahara-niyamam/)
  • Please ensure that food which are not prasadams are not consumed.

Courtesy: Sadhana Kitchen

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