Sri LakshmiNarashima Swami Temple – Sevelimedu, Kanchi


Kancheepuram is popularly known in South India as a famous “Temple Town” because there are hundreds of Temples – Small and big built by Pallava Kings. There is a hamlet about 2 kms away from this town called “SEVILIMEDU”. It is said that the maid servant (Sevilithai) of Pallava Queen stayed in this village and hence it is known as “ Sevilimedu ”. Another reason cited by some is ”SEVALLI POOKAL” were in the ponds in the village which was the reason for the name of the village. SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHASWAMY Temple is located in this village. There are epigraphic evidence to show that Raja Parameswara Pallava performed Samproshanam for this temple. The age of the temple is said to be around 1200 yrs old. The temple is situated in 2 acres with 65 feet Rajagopuram. There are separate Sannathis for Perumal, Thayyar and Anjaneyaswamy. The Moolavar Narasimhar is 7 ft height and 5 ft breadth, the Uthsavar is known as SOUNDARYA VARDHAR . Hence Thayyar also is 5 ft height with 3 ft breadth. The Thayyar is called Soundaravalli Thayar .

The Kanchi varadarajar temple is well known to us and Pallava kings have taken great care of these temples and these temples had glorious time during their kingdom.However during the mugal invasion there was a great threat to these siva/vishnu temples and our acharyas have taken great pains to preserve the deities and the temple. At Srirangam during the Malikkafur’s invasion Sri Pillai lokacharya has taken the archa-vigrahas of Sri Ranganatha to Thirumalai and for many years the temple at Srirangam was locked.Similarly during the Mugal invasion the Kanchi Varadarajar was taken to a less known temple at Sevilimedu village in the banks of Palar. There was a beautiful Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple at this village and Sri Varada was residing here for one year and HIS utsavams were performed here.The archa-vigrahas were taken to this temple from original varadaraja temple thru a tunnel which can be even seen today. In order to remind of this incident even today Sri Varada visits this temple during Chitra Pournami day.
Another interesting note is that the famous well from which Sri Ramanuja used to offer water to Sri Varada is situated near to this temple. The Well is called SalaikiNaru meaning the Well near the road.

There is another interesting place near Sevilimedu. This place is called Nadavavi Kinaru. This is a big well constructed during Pallava Period. In those days this is used for irrigation purpose. Beneath the water there is a Mandapam. During Chitra Pournami the water will be drained out. There are steps to get in to the Mandapam.On the night of Chitra Pournami, Sevilimedu Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy give darshan to all astikas in this mandapam. This place is 6 kms away from Sevilimedu.

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