Salutation to the Tirumala – Dayasathakam First Sloka


prapadhye taM giriM praayaH shrInivaasaanukampayaa. ixu saara sravantyeva yanmuurtyaa sharkaraayitam.h..1  – Dayasathakam, Swami Desikan

adiyEn seeks as refuge that sacred hill of ThiruvEnkatam, which has its origin from the flow of the river of Dayaa of the Lord (SrinivAsa anukampA); that nectarine flow constituted by the sweet sugar cane juice of Lord’s KaruNaa got crystallized and has become the veritable hill of Thiruvenkatam.

The limitless, never ceasing Dayaa of Lord SrinivAsan of ThiruvEnkatam flows as a flood towards those, who sought His protection through the performance of SaraNAgathi. This flood of Dayaa is like the rapid flow of a river of sugar cane juice. It is but natural for the cane sugar juice to densify and become sugar first and rock candy next. Similarly, the ceaseless pravAham of the Lord’s delectable guNam of Dayaa densifies to become the most enjoyable hill of ThiruvEnkatam. Quite often, poets equate the abode of the Lord with the Lord Himself and His kalyANa guNams. Swamy Desikan follows this path shown by KurEsar, who saluted and offered his Prapatthi to the hills of ThirumAlirum ChOlai, where Lord Sundara Baahu resides.
The Dayaa (KaruNaa) guNam is superior to all the auspicious guNams of the Lord. Swamy Desikan visualizes the embodiment of this KaruNa guNam taking the shape as the hills of Thirumala. The KaruNaa guNam of the Lord is the most superior guNam because it forgives all the insufferable trespasses of the Jeevans. This is the noble guNam that grants all the desired wishes of the chEthanams. This guNam flows like a river in flood and drenches the adiyArs with its anugraham. It is firm and resolute like a mountain. AdiyEn performs my Prapatthi to the embodiment of the Lord’s KaruNaa, Thirumalai. The key words of this slOkam are: “Tamm Girim PrapadhyE”.

source: by Annotated Commentary in English BY Oppiliappan KOil Sri Varadachari SaThakOpan

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