Divya desams around Kumbakonam


Divya desams around Kumbakonam.
1.Nachchirar koil: This divya desam is 10 Km from Kumbakonam and 6 Km from Oppiliappan koil.Plenty of Town buses are available from both Kumbakonam and Oppiliappan koil.

2.Thiruchcherai: This divya desam is 5 Km from Nachchiar koil and located in the kumbakonam Thiruvarur bus route.Town buses are available from Kumbakonam

3.Thiru Adhanur: This divya desam is located in between Swami malai and kumbakonam.Town buses are available.

4.Thiru PuLLambhUthangkudi: This divya desam is located in Kumbakonam-Swami malai-Thiruvaikaavur bus route.From swamimalai this kshetram is 5 Km and from Adhanur 2 Km.

5.Thirukkavithathalam: This divya desam is located in Kumbakonam-Thiruvaiyaaru bus route. Although just 3 Km from Papanasam Railway station there are bus facility from Railway station to this divya desam. Bus facility available from Kumbakonam and Papanasam town.

6.Kudanthai: This is a  big town with plenty of temples and well connected by bus and train from Trichy,Thanjavour and Madras (chennai). Bus journey from Madras is just 6 Hours and overnight train journey will be ideal.

7.Thiru ViNNagar: This divya desam is located 6 Km from Kumbakonam and plenty of town buses are available from the town.
Travel Tip: You can visit all the above divya desams and other vaishnava temples in Kumbakonam in two days time  using the bus service and by staying at either Oppiliappan Koil or Kumbakonam. Oppiliappan koil,Nachchiar koil and Thiruchcherai can be visited together in one day and Adhanur,Pullambhuthangkudi and Kaviththalam can be visited together in the next day. You can visit the temples inside the town viz ChakrapaNi,SarangapaNi,Ramar temples in one evening and return to Madras by second day night.

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