Panguni Brahmotsavam 2022 In Sri Yathothkari Perumal Temple At Thiruvekkha: Day-6 to 10

06 April 2022, Plava varusha, Panguni-23, Wednesday;
Panguni Brahmotsavam 2022 is being celebrated in a very grand manner in Sri Yathotkari Swami Sannidhi at Thiruvekkha, Kanchipuram. Brahmotsavam was celebrated in a very grand manner adorning Perumal in different Sathupadi and purappadu took place in different vahanams every day.
"நின்றதெந்தையூரகத்து இருந்ததெந்தைபாடகத்து * 
அன்றுவெஃக ணைக்கிடந்தது என்னிலாதமுன்னெலாம் * 
அன்றுநான்பிறந்திலேன் பிறந்தபின்மறந்திலேன் * 
நின்றதும்இருந்ததும் கிடந்ததும்என்நெஞ்சுளே"
The greatness of thiruvekkha perumal is described in many hymns sung by Azhwars who were engrossed in the beauty of Perumal. One of them.......

On Day-6, 30th March 2022, In the morning, Perumal purappadu took place in Sri Venugopalaswami thirukolam. In the evening, Ekantha sevai and at night, Perumal purappadu was on Majestic Gaja Vahanam.
OnDay-7, 31st March 2022, Purappadu took place in streets and perumal came in procession in thiruther.
On Day-9, 2nd April 2022, in the evening, Sri Yathoktakari Swami gave darshan in Vedasara Vimanam.
On Day-10, 3rd April 2022, which was the conclusion final of Brahmotsavam, Sapthavaranam took place, Perumal gave darshan in Vettiver Chapparam. 
In the afternoon, Dwadasarathanam Thirumanjanam was performed. At night, Parayana swamigal chanted Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi, Ubhadesa Rathnamaalai, followed by Sattrumurai, followed by Dwaja Avarohanam. 
Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:
Day-6 utsavam

Day-7 utsavam

day-9 utsavam

Day-10 utsavam

Photo courtesy: Sri Kanakaraj Kumar
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