Theppotsavam In Sri DamodaraPerumal Temple At Villivakkam


19 February 2022, Plava varusha, Masi-07, Saturday ;

Masi magam Theppotsavam commenced on 16th February 2022 in a very grand manner and was celebrated for three days till 18th February 2022 in Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal temple at Villivakkam. Everyday, Perumal was adorned in different alankaram and came in procession to temple tank and gave darshan to the devotees. Prabhanda Parayanam was conducted during theppotsavam.

On Day-1, Perumal was adorned with chowri kondai, beautiful dressed up like a Chakravarthy in Raja darbar kicking the cart wheels, with His consorts Sridevi, Bhoodevi Nachiyars, gave darshan to the devotees. Sathupadi of perumal on that day was “Sakatasura vadham”-killing the demon Sakatasura.

“Sakatasura vadham”- Sakatasura, a ghost sent by kamsa, who took the form of a cart, waiting for a chance to kill krishna. When Krishna kicked the cart with His legs, he was immediately killed. This was demonstrated beautifully in first day’s sathupadi.

On Day-2, Sathupadi of Sri Damodara Perumal was performed with a bakasura statue and Perumal tearing the beaks. During Purappadu Oyyali was performed by Sripadathangis in an enthusistic manner.

“Bakasura vadham”– killing the demon Bakasura-a huge Heron, which had a long neck and legs. Kamsa sent his friend Bakasura, and swallowed krishna too. But, immediately, he felt fiery burning sensation in his throat, which made him throw krishna out. But krishna did not come out, instead, caught hold of edges of beaks and torn his mouth into two killing Bakasura.

On Day-3, Vishwaroopa alankaram:- Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal was adorned with Shankam, chakram, bow and arrow, flute, one hand showing His feet, inviting devotees to surrender at His feet like Srinivasar thirukolam. This signifies that, surrendering at the feet of Him alone would relieve devotees from sufferings in this material world and He would definitely come to the rescue whatever name He is called upon…………..

Many astikas participated in the theppotsavam. Devotees had a blissful darshan of Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal in theppotsavam.

Photos taken during the utsavam is shared below:




Photo courtesy: Sri Parthasarathy Narayanan

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