Namperumal On Velli GarudaVahanam During Theppotsavam At Srirangam


07 February 2022, Plava varusha, Thai-25, Monday ;

On 04 February 2022, Theppotsavam is being celebrated in a very grand manner in Sri Ranganathaswami temple at Srirangam. Everyday, Perumal was mounted on different vahanam and blesses the devotees during His purappadu.

On 07 February 2022, the fourth day of utsavam, Namperumal gave darshan in Silver Garuda vahanam which is a very rare sight for the devotees. In the morning, Perumal came in procession to Sri Rangavilasa mandapam and later, alankaram is done, and  He was mounted on Garuda Vahanam which looked very majestic. Garudasevai purappadu took place in four mada veedhis today. Deepa Harathi took place and temple elephants Lakshmi and Andal performed their respect to Namperumal during Purappadu. The most special Maasi velli(silver) Garuda sevai of Namperumal on the 4th day of Maasi theppotsavam(float festival), preponed this year. There is a belief that having darshan of Sri Ranganatha on the silver Garuda vahanam in the Tamil month of Maasi, one need not go to Kasi.

Photos taken during the utsavam is shared below:

Photo courtesy: SriRengavilasam

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