11 GarudaSevai At ThiruNangur Divyadesam


01 February 2022, Plava varusha, Thai-19, Tuesday ;

Thirunangur 11 GarudaSevai utsavam commenced on 1st February 2022 in Thirunangur and would be celebrated for three days.

It is a festival of Azhwar and His works. Recognising and appreciating the glory of Azhwars, Adhyayana Utsavam was celebrated for past one month in various temples across India. Following that, this festival is one of its kind and is very unique and very significant which potrays the soulabhya gunam of Perumal. Not one or two, Eleven Perumal rushes to the place where Azhwar resides. This is a demonstration for the people of this generation, how Perumal would come down to the level of Bhaktas who are sincere and who has total trust in Him. The meaning of Saranagathi can be learnt from this festival.

This festival is said to be conducted by Thirumangai Azhwar. To mark the works and bhakti of Thirumangai azhwar, he would be taken in procession to all the 11 Divya desams in Hamsa Vahanam, in the vicinty of Sirkazhi, and pasurams which he sung in praise of those perumal, would be recited in his presence.

Thirukkuraiyalur, is the incarnation place of Thirumangai Azhwar. Thirukuraiyalur, Thirumangai Azhwar departed from Thirunagari at 1 am morning on 1st February 2022 to Thirukkurai, Thirukavalampadi, Thirumangaimadam, Thirumanikudam, ThiruParthanpalli and went through the fields. THen Azhwar reaches Manjal kuli Mandapam. “Manjal kuli utsavam” which is taking place right from the lifetime of Sri Thirumangai Azhwar, which is sublime and without a parlance in our spiritual history, was gifted to Sri Thirumangai Azhwar by Lord Sri Renganatha of SriRangam for conducting the Adhyayana Uthsavam at SriRangam. Following Manjal kuli utsavam, Azhwar startshis journey to other temples and mangalasasanam takes place for all the Perumal.

On 02 February 2022, all the Eleven Perumal would reach the place of thirumangai azhwar. Azhwar would perform managalasasanam in praise of all the 11 Perumals and  Manvala mamunigal would perform mangalasasanam in praise of Azhwar in Sri Purushotham Perumal sannidhi in Thirunangur. In the evening, after thirumanjanam, all the Perumals would depart to their own places. Then, on 03 Febrauary 2022, on his way back to Thirunagari, Azhwar visits Sri Madhavaperumal temple in Thiruthevanathogai and would perform mangalasasanam and after performing Mangalasasanam, Azhwar would reach Thirunangur in the night.

The Garudasevai events would be held tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

11 Thirunangur Divya Desams:

1. Thirumanimadakovil- Narayanaperumal

2. Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram-Kudamadu Koothar-Govarthana Giri

3. Thirusembon Seikoil-Azhagiyamanavalan-Uraiyur

4. Thiruthetriambalam-Ranganathar

5. Thiruvellakulam- Annanperumal

6. Thiruvann Purushothamam-purushothama Perumal

7. Kalyanapuram – Varadharajaperumal

8. Thiruvaikunda Vinnagaram-Vaikundanathar

9. Thiruthevanarthogai-Devanayagan-Thiruvidanthai.

10. Thiruparthanpalli-Parthasarathi.

11. Thirukavalambadi-Kannan

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