Rapathu Utsavam In Amaruviappan Temple At Therezhundur: Day-4


17 January 2022, Plava varusha, Thai-04, Monday ;

Adhyayana utsavam commenced in a very grand manner in Sri Amaruviappan Sannidhi at Therezhundur. Rapathu utsavam commenced from 13th January 2022 and would be celebrated for ten days till 22 January 2022 in a grand manner.

On Day-4(16 January 2022): Sri Amaruviappan appeared like Selvapillai Thirunaranan Sevai. Thiruvaimozhi pasuram- 4th pathu were recited. Sri Amaruviappan Perumal was adorned with vaira-mudi like Selvapillai. The thilakam in his forehead could be seen flowing down till his nose which would be similar to the sathupadi of Selvapillai. Moreover, devotees could have had darshan of Sri Lakshmi at the Lotus feet of Perumal in Melkote. Similarly, Amaruviappan gave darshan with Lakshmi at His Lotus feet, who is inseperable from Perumal at anytime.

The fourth pathu of thiruvaimozhi, mainly describes the greatness of His thiruvadi, which is apt for Perumal to appear as Selvapillai during recitation of Fourth pathu.

Thiruvaimozhi: 4-1-1;

The 4th pathu starts with “Oor Nayagamai…..thirunaranan thaal kaalam perach chindhithu uymmino”:4-1-1, which indicates that Swami Nammazhwar had sung in ,praise of Thirunaranan Perumal at Melkote.

The pasurams 4-4-1 to 4-4-11 describes the turn of fortunes in this materialistic life. The only eternal force is Paramatma and our goal is to attain His lotus feet, by the method guided by Azhwars and Acharyal. Nammazhwar has described it so wonderfully about the illusion of materialistic life in this 4th pathu.

Thiruvaimozhi: 4-9-10, Sri Nammazhwar describes the greatness of thiruvadi, and holding His thiruvadi, is the only way to attain eternal peace and to get rid of worldly pleasures.

In the evening, Perumal purappadu along with Acharyal took place inside the temple premises. Azhwars and Acharyal were felicitated with maalai mariyadhai, parivattam and SriSadari from Perumal. The devotees had a blissful darshan .

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri A. Varadharajan

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