Adhyayana Utsavam Commenced At Thiruvaheendrapuram Temple


03 January 2022, Plava Varusha, Margazhi -19, Monday;

Adhyayana Utsavam commenced in an enthusiastic manner in Sri Devanathaswami temple at Thiruvaheendrapuram. All the twelve azhwars and Sri Vedantha desikan graced the occasion of the inauguration of adhyayana utsavam in the augment presence of Perumal.

Alankaram of Perumal was so mesmerising and was a blissful moment to have a glimpse of Perumal. In the midst of all the azhwars and Swamy Desikan, Perumal looked like a shining diamond in the midst of navaratna gemstones. Surpassing the sathupadi of Perumal was the alankaram of Swami Desikan. Sri Vedantha Desikan was looking like a lion in a forest, leader of all the animals, he is rightly praised as “kavitarkika Simham”, simham in the midst of all the kavis- poets.

The recitation of Prabhanadam by the parayanam goshti, made the place so vibrant. Light decorations and mirror arrangements in the thirumamani mandapam was so wonderful, which made the utsavam a grand start.

Devotees got enthralled and was in a puzzle, as to which direction they can fix their vision to have darshan, since all the Azhwars were lined up in a row, which looked enthralling and ecstatic.

In the night, after the day’s event, Perumal adorned snow white shawl and reached Moolasthanam in procession.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri N.S.Raman / Sri Srivallabhan Rajagopalan

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