Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-29


29 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -14, Wednesday ;


(MEANING): Oh Best among BhAgavathAs! AdiyEn has been blessed with the cool, nectarine glances of my AchAryAs. adiyEn is respected in this world because of the anugraham of these learned AchAryAs. adiyEn with the name of VenkatEsan has composed this Sri Sookthi of Abheethi Sthavam about the Lord of Thiruvarangam. Please recite the slOkAs of these Sthavam. That paarAyaNam of this Sthavam will remove all of Your fears. The most merciful Lord of Srirangam will look at You and bless you with the words that He used, when dEvAs were afraid about the troubles that the asurAs were causing them. Sri RanganAthan will comfort You and say: “Please abandon Your fears. May auspiciousness shower on You!”. This is exactly what He said to the DevAs in their time of distress; He destroyed their fears and showered them with Sarva MangaLams. Lord RanganAthan will protect You in every way out of His sahaja KaaruNyam and Vaathsalyam.

(COMMENTS): This is the Phala Sruthi slOkam of Sri Abheethi Sthavam containing the reassuring message from a MahAchAryan, Swamy Desikan. His Naama Mudhra in this Phala Sruthi slOkam with “VenkatEsa uthbhavAm” and He recommends to us as an AchAryan to study this sthuthi about Lord RanganAtha “imAm Rangabarthu: sthuthim paDatha”. He pays his praNAmams to his great AchAryAs, whose karuNA KadAksham blessed him to have the intellectual capabilities to compose this sthuthi: “PraBhuddha Guru VeekshaNa prathitha VenkatEsa uthbhavAm imAm Sthuthim paDatha”. People may still ask: why should I study this sthuthi? What is the prayOjanam? Swamy Desikan gives two answers for such questions:

1. This Sthuthi is about the great Lord of Srirangam (Rangabharthu: sthuthi) and

2. You should recite this sthuthi because it will chase away any fears that you have or would experience (Rangabharthu: imAm sthuthim abhaya siddhaye padatha)

The unconvinced may still ask: Has there been a precedent, where the Lord has removed the fears of others?

Swamy answers:

Yes, when dEvAs trembled with fears about RaavaNan and Kamsan and sought His rakshaNam, Our Lord, who is the abode of intense KaruNai addressed them and asked them to abandon those fears, assured them that all MangaLams would come their way. He followed up on those benedictory words by taking Raama and KrishNa avathArams to destroy the enemies of dEvAs and chased away their fears.

Swamy Desikan directs us to study Sri Abheethi Sthavam and gives his parting message: That Lord at Srirangam Himself known also as Kesavan with the assembly of anantha kalyANa guNams will protect those who seek His rakshaNam and chase away all their fears (Sa Kesava: guNa gaNEna Svayam Va: gOpAyathy).

This magnificent prayer of Swamy Desikan to Lord RanganAthA during a traumatic time at Srirangam. The great RanganAtha heard the prayer of His dear Bhakthan from Sathyamangalam; He chased away the invading army from His sacred dhivya dEsam. Here is the Vaarthai Maalai of prayer:

Ramaa Dayitha! RangabhUramaNa! KrishNa! VishNO! Hari!

Thrivikrama! JanArdhana! Thriyuga NaaTa! NaarAyaNa!

Sakruth PraNatha rakshaNa nithya Vrathee! PrabhO! RangEswara!

Anaga! GuNEsa! Akhila dEhin! RangabhU rasika! DayaanidhE!

Aasritha Kara grahaNa dheekshitha! Ranga PruTvee pathE!

Jagath PathE! Ranga dhurya! SaraNAgatha PraNaya bhanga bheetha!

RanganAtha! Moksha DhAyaka Mukundha! Bhayam Kshapaya! Prakrushta GuNaka!

Dharam sva-sakthyA svayam prasamaya!

Courtesy: Oppiliappan koil Sri V. Sadagopachariar

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