Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-27


27 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -12, Monday ;


(MEANING): Oh Lord who measured the worlds with Your three steps during ThrivikramAvathAram! You were the lustrous Sooryan to drive away the darkness represented by the Asuran with the name of KaiDabhan during Sri HayagrIvAvathAram. You were the cyclone for swirling the dust of the asuran called Madhu during the same HayagrIvAvathAram. You split in to two the mountain named HiraNya Kasipu during Your avathAram as Narasimhan. You broke the tree of asuran KaalnEmi like a tiny twig. In matters of your valour, there is no need to elaborate more. You are known for sipping in one breath the mighty ocean of samsAram. May this well demonstrated valour of yours come to our rescue now in destroying the enemies of Srirangam quickly!

(COMMENTS): Your indefatigable valor has been proven in your various avathArams such as Thrivikrama, HayagrIvA, Narasimha and KrishNaa. Regarding Your matchless sakthi and veeryam, there is no need to pile up more instances (athra BahunA Kim?). In addition to the valour displayed in these Vibhava avathArams, you demonstrate every day your power to suck dry the samsAric ocean of your adiyArs (bhajath bhava payOdhi mushtindhaya:). These proven power (ParAkramam) of yours should propel you to action and result in your chasing away the enemies of Srirangam (Sa: Bhavath krama: Ranga dhvisha: mangshu kshipathu). Mangshu means rapidly and Kshipathu refers to the enemies being blown away into oblivion.

VIEW OF OTHER COMMENTATORS: Swamy Desikan pleads his case once again for the quick destruction of the enemies of Srirangam by the Lord Himself.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri V. Sadagopacharaiar

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