Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-26


26 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -11, Sunday


(MEANING): Oh Ranga Prabhu! If a misled-one expresses hate towards You and stands before You as Your enemy, no one, be it Brahma, Sivan, Agni or Indhran on an individual basis or all of them united together can save that enemy from Your anger. If You decide to protect some one, there will be no harm to that fortunate one from any one at all times and places. Such is Your Vaibhavam! You must therefore chase away the enemies of ours, who are harming us at Srirangam by interrupting our worship of you.

(COMMENTS): Oh RangarAjA! None of the DevAs are powerful to protect some one, who has declared enimity to You (yath vimatha rakshaNE na kshamA:). As in the case of BaaNAsuran, Sivan and His son, SubramaNyan chose the side of the asuran fighting against the Lord and they could not defend their client. They had to run away from the battle field. If Lord decides to protect a devotee of His like PrahlAdhan, nothing can harm him (Yathra cha rirakshithi, kvachith prathibhayam kinchith na:). Your valor is of such loftiness. Therefore, Oh Lord, Please quell the enemies attacking Srirangam.

VIEW OF OTHER COMMENTATORS: Swamy Desikan presses his case for the Lord’s intervention to protect Srirangam from the invading Muslim force. He seeks this boon.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan koil Sri. V. Sadagopachariar

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