Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-25


25 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -10, Saturday ;

(MEANING): Oh Lord of Thiruvarangam! AadhisEshan, Garudan, VishvaksEnar along with other nithya Sooris like Kumudhan (head of Lord’s army units), the protectors of Your Koil ramparts, Gopuram and their entrances have valour that is beyond imagination. Their extraordinary deeds of valour in discharge of their duties have been well recorded and revered. They are all determined to defend Thiruvarangam. They have been raising the ghOsham of victory and eulogizing you. It is our prayer that these Nithyasooris protect not only Srirangam like You but also be alert to protect the whole world and its beings from such marauding vandals.

(COMMENTS): Here Swamy Desikan salutes number of protectors of Srirangam (Ranga SamrakshakA:) They have prowess (Balam) granted by their Lord and are known for their victorious deeds in battles (VikramA:)They are AadhisEshan (Bhujangama pravaran), the head of the clan of serpents; Garudan, the head of the clan of birds; VishvaksEnar, the head of the Lord’s army and Kumudhan, assistant to latter. In addition to the above nithya sooris, the other protectors of city, Gopuram, VimAnam and entrances (nagara gOpura dhvAra paa:) belong to the category of Ranga Samrakshakars. Oh Lord! They are like You intent on protecting Srirangam (Thvam iva) and are engaged in singing victory to You (jitham tE vAdhina:). Our prayer is for them to be alert in conferring auspiciousness to the world and being alert about these protective activities (Ranga SamrakshakA: Jagath anugrahE jAgrathu).

VIEWS OF OTHER COMMENTATORS: The Srirangam temple is very precious to Swamy Desikan. In previous slOkams, he begged for protection of the Lord’s city and temple by Sudarsanar and the Lord Himself. Here, our AchAryan requests the Lord to afford security to His own temple through the deployment of His Parijanams like Adhi sEshan, Garudan, VishvaksEnar and dhvAra PaalakAs.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan koil Sri V. Sadagopacharaiar

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