Nammazhwar Thiruvadi Thozhal At Srirangam


24 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -09, Friday ;

Namperumal and Azhwars who started yesterday morning were in Thirumamani Mandapam till today morning. Thirumanjanam was performed for Perumal yesterday night.

Nammalwar in simple attire, was taken in procession by kainkaryaparas by hand and Nammazhwar were followed by prabhanda goshti and made to surrender at the feet of Namperumal- thiruvadi thozal. Thulasi was offered on him at Perumal’s feet, thus signifying Azhwar getting moksham. It is believed that, due to the prayers of devotees and others, Nammazhwar would come back along with the kasturi thilakam given by Namperumal. Felicitation from Perumal was performed and Azhwar reached his sannidhi, where alankaram was performed. Meanwhile, thulasi at His feet were distributed as prasadam to archakas and other kainkaryaparas. Perumal returned back to Moolasthanam. Arayar Swamigal were felicitated in the moolasthanam and were accompanied by temple authorities and archakas, till their way back home through all the mada veedhi, as a mark of respect for Arayar Swamigal. Adhyayana utsavam completed with this utsavam in an aethetic manner.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri Parthasarathy Govind

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