Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-23


21 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -06, Tuesday ;

Oh Lord of Thiruvarangam! The weapon of Chakram that you hold on your upper right hand is capable of splitting the bodies of the sons of asura MaathA, Dhithi, who are the enemies of dEvAs (Dhithi prabhava dEha-bhith). When one looks at the lustre of this ChakrAyudham, it appears like it has inside it the combined lustre of Agni, Chandran and Sooryan (DahanaSOma-SooryAthmakam). This Aayudham is known for its power to remove not only external darkness but also internal darkness (tama: pramaTanam) in the form of nescience ajn~Anam). All the other Aaayudhams arose out of this ChakrAyudham and derive their power from this disc weapon (samudhitha asthra Brundham). It also holds within itself the lives of the DevAs, since it protects the dEvAs, whenever there is a threat to their lives by the asurAs (sva-vrutthi vaSa varthitha thrudaSa vrutthi). May this ChakrAyudham establish Vaidhika dharmam again at your abode of Srirangam by setting right the dharma chakram (tE mahathy dhAmni dharma chakra sTitim svatha: puna: pravartayathu)!

In the last slOkam, Swamy Desikan requested the Lord to use anyone of His five weapons to destroy the enemies of ParamaikAnthis of Srirangam. Quickly, Swamy Desikan realized that there may be confusion in Lord’s mind about choosing one over the other and give prominence to that chosen weapon. Swamy Desikan emboldens himself to suggest to the Lord that you do not need all the weapons. You can choose Your ChakrAyudham in place of all the others. He cites the history of ChakrathAzhwAn in previous battles of this kind and also suggests the power of all Aayudhams were derived from ChakrAyudham (BhagavAn’s sankalpa sakthi). Swamy Desikan’s ShodAyudha SthOthram describes how all the weapons of the Lord are residing in the 16 hands of ChakkaratthAzhwAn. He is the integrated essence of all their individual powers. The revolving of the dharma chakram has been tampered with by miscreants at your sacred place of residence. Oh RangA! Please order Your Chakram to reestablish (puna: pravarthaya) the dynamics of the dharma chakram (dharma chakra sTithim) by itself (Svatha:).

After seeking the Lord’s intervention to chase away the Muslim invaders of Srirangam with any one of the five weapons of the Lord, Swamy specifically seeks the use of the powerful Sudarsana AzhwAn to be commanded to complete this task.

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri.V.Sadagopachariar

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