Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-22


17 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi-02, Friday;


(MEANING): Oh RanganAthA! BhouddhAs and ChArvAkAs today make propaganda about their faultridden mathams and are set to destroy Your Parama Vaidhika Matham. The Muslims and the Greeks (YavanAs), who appear like special agents of Kali Pursushan, are causing immense injuries to all who follow your srEshta Vaidhika darsanam. The land is experiencing immense fear due to the activities of all these four groups. That fear is growing further and further. Your five weapons are very powerful in destroying the enemies of your devotees. They protect the assembly of Saadhu janangaL. Please use these powerful weapons immediately with force and chase away the fear that is enveloping this land!

 (COMMENTS): Swamy Desikan is getting restless that the damages done by the Muslim invaders and avaidhika matha vaadhis have not been chased away by Lord RanganAtha yet for whatever reasons that the Lord might have. He gets emboldened to suggest some thing even if it looks somewhat sharp. Swamy Desikan’s intent is to nudge the Lord to take swift action with His five powerful weapons and forcefully destroy the enemies to the Sath SampradhAyam and restore tranquility by the removal of the fear that has gripped the people of the land. Swamy Desikan reminds the omniscient Lord impatiently that the fear among people is increasing minute by minute (Jagathy jrumbhamANam bhayam). He appeals to the Lord with forcefulness: Please use Your five powerful weapons, which have a history of protecting VaidhikAs, and destroy these foreign invaders in a second forcefully (prakrushta nija sakthibhi:, kshithi thridaSa rakshakai:, panchabhi: Aayudhai: turushaka- YavanAdheen kshaNAth prasabham kshapaya). Your weapons have real power as described in the PanchAyudha SthOthram. They have prakrushta nija sakthi. They have a history of being sent with your sankalpam to protect dharmam and Saadhu Janam and accomplish dhushta vinAsanam. They (the weapons) are five in number. Oh Lord chooses one or more or all of them but quickly put an end to these parivArams of Kali purushan. Please RESOLVE do so with rapidity and forcefully remove them form your dhivya desam, where nithyArAdhanam for you has been interrupted.

VIEW OF OTHER COMMENTATORS: After performing SaraNAgathy at the sacred feet of the Lord, Swamy Desikan appeals to the Lord to use His potent weapons to destroy the forces that invaded Srirangam and caused unbearable pain to Jn~Anis and ParamaikAnthis

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri.V. Sadagopachariar

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