Karthikai Brahmotsavam At Tiruchanoor: Day-3(Simha Vahanam)


03 December 2021, Plava varusha, Karthikai -17, Friday ;

Karthikai Brahmotsavam commenced in Sri Alarmelmangai Thayar Sannidhi, on 29 November 2021. Everyday, Thayar was adorned in different alankarams and gave darshan on different Vahanams like Sesha Vahanam, Simha Vahanam, Gaja Vahanam, Hanumantha vahanam,….

Day-3:(02 December 2021) In the night, Thayar adorned as DhairyaLakshmi on Simha Vahanam. Sri Padmavathi Thayar alankaram signifies that those who surrender to Her, can be fearless from any evils and dangers.

As Swami Desikan explains in detail in “Abhidistavam”, in (sloka-19),he lists the Prapannas who are saved by the lord from their enemies and did anugraham of freedom from fear. Some of them in the list are: Prahlad, Vibhishnan, Sukreevan, Draupadi, King Ambareeshan, Gajendran,…..

Today’s Dhairya Lakshmi Alankaram gives us hope of fearlessness due to Saranagathi.

Photos taken during the event can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri Jogi Ramanuja Dasan

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