Swami Desikan’s Abhidistavam: Sloka-18


29 November 2021, Plava varusha, Karthikai -13, Monday ;

Oh Supreme Lord of Thiruvarangam with the six primary guNams (JnAna-Sakthi-BalaIsvarya -Veerya and tEjas)! Paapam has no sambhandham with you (KarmAs do not touch you). Therefore, Upanishads salute you as one who is intrinsically free from sorrow of any kind. There is no inauspiciousness even if you destroy me; that act is like a leela based on your sankalpam to create the world and its beings. You who is “fearless” have however one fear left. That fear is associated with your refusal of the wishes of one, who sought your protection thru the act of SaraNAgathy and the consequent break in relationship (friendship) between the two of you. Therefore, you have taken the vow to shower your anugraham on Your SaraNAgathan. AdiyEn is one, who has performed prapatthi to you. Therefore, please do not hesitate to identify what is good for adiyEn and bless me with that boon.

VeDas recognize you as sinless (niramahasa:) and intrinsically free from sorrows (Nisara
niranishDathA). Therefore the act of creation and destruction (Srushti and SamhAram) are like a sport for you (kireeDitham bhavathy) and it does not create any sorrow for You, when You dissolve the universe. You destroy to create as part of Your leelA. Even with such disassociation from fear, you still are afraid of one thing: fear about refusal to respond to the prayer for protection by PrapannAs (TaTAapi SaraNAgatha praNaya bhanga bheetha: BhavAn). I have performed SaraNAgathy at Your sacred feet. Hence you cannot refuse to shower your anugraham on adiyEn. Therefore, please look into what may be beneficial for me during the post-prapatthi period in this world and bless me without fail.

“Oh Lord! You are said to be scared by possible desertion of a surrendered soul. If that were to be so, please consider my long-cherished prayers for protection and come to my rescue. If You have in mind some else one more deserving than myself, then grant Your rewards to that person diligently. It will be very appropriate”. There are two approaches adopted by Swamy Desikan here to invite the Lord’s attention through this slOkam: (1) reminder to Him that He is a “SaraNAgatha PraNaya bhanga bheethan” (One who fears the loss of the love of and the desertion by the Prapannan) and (2) a statement in a mood of PraNaya kOpam (anger arising from the rejection by the Lord).

Courtesy: Oppiliappan Koil Sri. V. Sadagopachariar

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